Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Law Abiding Citizen's Self Defense Action Sparks Controversy Between Local Newspaper And Sheriff Clarke's Speech At NRA

David A. Clarke Jr.

Sheriff Clarke response to "reporter" of "opinion" story online today in Milwaukee Sentinel Journal.

By H. Nelson Goodson
April 30, 2014

Milwaukee, WI - On Wednesday, Milwaukee County Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr. responded to Bruce Veilmetti, a column writer for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel who wrote a piece criticizing Sheriff Clarke for his NRA speech that brought cheers from its members in favor of law abiding citizens defending and protecting their lives by using their Conceal Carry weapon to neutralize the death threat. Sheriff Clarke wrote in the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office Facebook page, " Bruce, News/Talk1130 WISN radio program host Mark Belling did a segment on your weird article that appeared online in Sentinel Journal today regarding my speech at the NRA national convention. Your objective obviously was to get your kick in by somehow discrediting my appearance or take some of the luster off what was overall well-received nationwide. You didn't like that, did you? I think you did that after my appearance at CPAC in January.
"Mark Belling indicated on air that he sent you an email asking about your column and whether it was a news story or an editorial piece as it drifted back and forth between the two. He said on the air that you never responded.
"I find that incredible. You and your colleagues at Sentinel Journal call my office frequently demanding comment about some story you are doing with the tag that your deadline is that very afternoon. You then go to print if we don't drop what we are doing to answer your call and you write that we didn't respond to a call for comment.
"Why didn't you get back to Mark Belling and answer his email? Are you planning to get back to him? He'll share it with his listeners. Unlike you, he's fair that way. I think you're afraid because you know that he knows what your story was really about. It was to paint NRA members in a negatively biased manner since you could not disparage me directly. It stems from your anti-gun bias.
"The arrogance of you expecting my office to get back to you in a quick fashion when you have questions, but you do not expect to have to do the same, is profound. Apparently what is good for the goose is not good for the gander in your elitist world.
"Next time you write a hit piece on me and write that I did not respond, you should tell readers that you have done the same thing in not getting back to radio show host Mark Belling."

Welcome to my world.
Sheriff Clarke

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke addresses the crowd at the NRA-ILA Leadership Forum, an event of the 2014 NRA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis, Indiana. Aired on 4/25/2014, speech video link:

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article by Bruce Veilmetti at link:

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