Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Immigrant Viacrucis Travels Along La Bestia Freight Train Death Route To U.S. Border

Photo courtesy of Ruben Figueroa

Hundreds of undocumented immigrants gathered in Tenosique for annual Viacrucis pilgrimage.

By H. Nelson Goodson
April 16, 2014

Tenosique, Tabasco, Mexico - On Wednesday, Franciscan priest Fray Tomás González Castillo, director of the La 72 Immigrant Refuge Shelter reported that more than 400 undocumented immigrants from Central America gathered at the shelter to prepare for the annual Viacrucis (stations of the cross) along the Bestia (Beast) freight train death route and then embark to the U.S. border from Tenosique, Tabasco, Mexico.
The Viacrucis began in Naranjo, Guatemala and those participating were transferred by vehicles to Tenosique where hundreds of immigrants await the arrival of the Viacrucis. The Viacrucis is expected to follow the death route of La Bestia through central Mexico.
Fray Castillo and immigrant activists are advocating for government visas to allow legal transit of immigrants through Mexico and government protection of immigrants against violence resulting from extortions, murder, quotas, rape and forced prostition by local gangs known as Los Zetas, Mara Salvatrucha's (MS-13) and corrupt Mexican immigration agents, including local, state and Federal Police. 

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