Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Hoaxter Rick Dyer Confirmed He Paid Russell, A Prop Maker $4,500 For Fake Bigfoot Hank

Bigfoot hoaxter Rick Dyer admitted to pulling another big scam with the help of news networks looking for a great story than proving it was a fake Bigfoot, according to Dyer.

By H. Nelson Goodson
April 8, 2014

Arkansas - On Tuesday, known Bigfoot hoaxter Rick Dyer went on his blog talk radio show and came clean once again saying that he actually paid Chris Russell, a Spokane, Washington state prop maker $4,500 to make a fake Bigfoot, which later was named Hank. He had Russell from Twisted Toy Box start on the fake Bigfoot project in late October. Dyer also admitted that Andrew Clacy, his former marketing agent went with him to pickup Hank at Russell's home. 
Dyer found it hilarious that he even parked in front of Russell's home with his truck that had Bigfoot advertising signs on it and that no one suspected he was picking up a fake Bigfoot prop from Russell. Russell confirmed that Dyer had paid him to make the Bigfoot and had agreed not to divulge any information under a non-disclosure agreement with Dyer.
The fake Bigfoot story broke about a week ago, when Team Tracker LLC. members Clacy, Lynk Paul, Gregg Phillips, Frank Cali and Dale Boswell had a falling out with Dyer and exposed the Bigfoot scam, which passed Hank as a real Bigfoot that Dyer shot on September 6, 2012 just outside San Antonio, Texas. Dyer still admits of actually shooting a real Bigfoot and continues to lure the fools that paid him to view a fake Bigfoot for his next planned Summer tour. 
Dyer said, all the news channels around San Antonio reported that it was a fake Bigfoot and people still came out in long lines to pay to view the fake Bigfoot. He believes that he didn't do anything wrong about lying to people who wanted to believe a Bigfoot really exists. 
Dyer said, he made $6,000, $3,500 and $5,500 in three different paid interviews about Bigfoot. During the scam tour, Clacy made $12,000, which most of that money went to a woman in Africa that apparently scammed him about getting a visa to come see Clacy. The woman apparently took Clacy for the money and she never left Africa, according to Dyer. Lynk made between $6,000 to $7,000 and always said he was a planner, but "never planned shit," Dyer admitted in his blog talk radio. Phillips only made $1,000, until he left the crew.
We went on a "tour with a fake Bigfoot and it made news, it's as funny as hell," Dyer joked about it. Dyer says, he will not refund any of the viewing fees to those people, especially children that were led to believe that they were seeing a real Bigfoot when in fact it was fake.
Dyer said, that an unidentified lawyer who would represent him, if the feds ever do attempt to prosecute him. He says, that he did nothing wrong when he lied to Bigfoot enthusiasts that it was real instead of fake. Dyer even said, that he looked up laws and found he didn't do anything unlawful. 
Dyer even signed a petition at Change dot org to get the U.S. Department of Justice to come after him for committing what he has come to label as one of the biggest Bigfoot scams in U.S. history. He confirmed that all his Team Tracker members knew from the beginning that Hank was fake and enjoyed the fruits (steak dinners/cars/cash) that were generated until Daytona Beach Bike Week 2014, when the Bigfoot tour failed to make any money. The Team Tracker members began to plot against him and finally had a falling out that led to exposing Dyer as a scammer and a fake.
Dyer might be laughing at justice, but justice will come and Dyer will most likely fall on his own accord and own admission that he is sole responsible for scamming Bigfoot enthusiasts or fools into paying to see a dummy. Fools are fools and Dyer knows that he has discovered a gold mine of ripping people off who voluntarily fall victim to Dyer's con talk to fool those few in need of reality.
Dyer says, "I'm no angel and I don't regret what I did and will do it again, again, again and again...I did it in 2008, (2012) and could do it again." Dyer seems to show no remorse at all about scamming people and children out of cash.
People paid between $20 to $10 dollars and children paid between $10 to $5 dollars to view Hank, the fake Bigfoot. Hank was exhibited in New Mexico, Alabama, Louisiana, Texas and Florida.

Rick Dyer's blog talk radio show link (4/8/2014)

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