Friday, May 3, 2013

MC Multiservicios Owner Didn't Read Or Approved Full Page Ad With False Information Published By El Conquistador

Manny Ortiz, Mariella Godínez and Victor Huyke

Full page ad published in El Conquistador wasn't approved or read by owner of MC Multiservicios before it was published by a local paper.

May 3, 2013

Milwaukee, WI (HNNUSA) - On Friday when contacted, Juan Contreras, owner of MC Multiservicios and Tax Services confirmed, that he didn't read or approved a full page ad published by El Conquistador newspaper claiming false information about H. Nelson Goodson from Hispanic News Network U.S.A. The ad claims that Contreras had told Goodson in one occasion that all of the allegations and claims brought against MC Multiservicios by alleged victims were planned to ruin the reputation of his business. If Goodson would continue reporting the allegations and actions taken against his business, it would damage his reputation, according to a statement made by Contreras in this week's ad.
Contreras alleged that Goodson had covered a protest on October 4, in front of his business by taking photos for HNNUSA and for El Correcaminos Newspaper. Goodson said, Contreras obviously made a false statement because "I never worked for Correcaminos" and he knows it. If Contreras would have made an effort to contact Octavio Martinez, the owner of Correcaminos, Contreras would actually learn that Goodson is not employed by Martinez. Goodson operates and writes for HNNUSA.
Goodson on the contrary said, Contreras was given every opportunity numerous times to comment about the allegations raised by a certain group who went public and at one point filed a lawsuit against the Contreras. But, Contreras declined to comment multiple times.
Goodson also reported the registration (filing) of the lawsuit, since it was public record filed in a Milwaukee County court.
Then in November of 2012, Contreras paid for two full page ads in El Conquistador and El Mañanero claiming and making a false claim that Goodson had intentionally with a group of people had engaged in defamation against MC Multiservicios. Goodson says, "it's not true," but that he was just reporting the allegations brought against the Contreras, which definitely is now a dead issue because all of the lawsuits filed were dismissed by those involved. But, Goodson found it strange that the Contreras paid for two full page ads to publish false allegations against the reporter (Goodson) when in fact they would not provide a comment to Hispanic News Network U.S.A. (HNNUSA).
On Friday when contacted, Victor Huyke, publisher of El Conquistador Newspaper said, that Juan Contreras did write part of the full page ad that was published and titled "Carta Abierta a la Comunidad" on page 5, dated 3-9, 2013, Volume 16, Issue 18. Contreras did pay for the ad, Huyke confirmed.
Huyke released an e-mail sent to El Conquistador by Contreras with his article called "MC Articulo" dated April 25, to confirm that indeed Contreras authorized its publication. The latest ad placed by Contreras could very well be a breach of a settlement agreement with another business when the lawsuits were dismissed. The owner of that business is looking into it.
Last week, El Conquistador also published an article written by Manny Ortiz making false claims and comments about Goodson's reporting on multiple lawsuits filed by MC Multiservicios and a lawsuit filed against them by 49 alleged victims. Ortiz also wrote that Mariella Godínez collaborated in the article. 
When Godínez was contacted, she said that she did some investigative research about the case dealing with scams and provided a comment to Ortiz. Ortiz failed to include and cite her comment in the article, but instead added her name as a collaborator.
Godínez stated, "I have not read the article...I did not write anything, I will have my attorney read the article." If Godínez is correct, it seems Ortiz and Huyke decided to include her name on the article without Godínez actually reading it and making it seem she had approved the false and inaccurate comments Ortiz made about Goodson.
Goodson asked for a retraction from El Conquistador last week, but Huyke said, he is still trying to determine how Ortiz came to his conclusions. Unfortunately, Contreras and his business continue to make news despite making a settlement with another owner of a tax service that allegations made against them were false or untrue.
Now by Huyke printing the latest MC Multiservicios paid ad by Contreras, it now seems Contreras to be making direct false claims himself against Goodson for just being a reporter who tried to inform the community of such incidents or conflicts between businesses and practices.
Goodson finally said, "false claims or a web of lies made by those involved only shows their true character, despite what is actually the truth."

Jenny Contreras and Juan G. Contreras,  owners of MC Multiservicios.

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