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Did Contreras Violate State Law By Publicly Releasing Recording Of Private Conversation With Goodson?

Jenny Contreras and Juan G. Contreras

Goodson is looking into whether the owners of MC Multiservicios violated state and federal laws by publicly releasing a private cellphone conversation for the purpose to falsely accused him of intent to extort.

May 12, 2013

Milwaukee, WI  (HNNUSA) - On Sunday, H. Nelson Goodson, the administrator of Hispanic News Network U.S.A., a popular news blog announced, that he is looking into whether Jenny Contreras and Juan Contreras, owners of MC Multiservicios violated state law by publicly releasing a private cellphone conversation, in which Goodson didn't know was being recorded for the purpose to falsely accuse him of "intent to extort." The Contreras could have also violated federal wire tapping laws in releasing the recorded conversation as well.
Contreras recorded the conversation after Goodson on numerous times had told him that he couldn't be bought off because Contreras had wanted articles removed from HNNUSA. On May 6, an edited recording of a conversation between Contreras and Goodson was released during a live Nfoque Latino Spanish language radio program at 1460 AM radio. Both the Contreras had falsely accused Goodson of intent to extort and played the conversation for the listening audience. Contreras can be heard that he wanted some articles written about him removed and was pressing for Goodson to name a price.
Goodson says, he went along with Contreras to see how far and low he could get in trying to bribe him. But since Contreras never intended to exchange money, Goodson couldn't expose Contreras' attempt to bribe him.
When Contreras released the recorded conversation in Nfoque Latino, Goodson called the program and told the listeners that both Contreras were making false claims against him and he couldn't be bought off. "No Me Vendo" or "Can't Be Bought" Goodson told the Contreras and the Nfoque Latino Spanish speaking listeners. 
Zonia Lopez, the host of Nfoque Latino later told Goodson, that she didn't hear the recorded conversation before the program. Contreras did get Lopez to air the conversation, which exposed Contreras attempting to get Goodson to name a price to remove multiple articles from the HNNUSA news blog.
Goodson is now looking into whether the Contreras, Nfoque Latino and others with him in the program violated state law by releasing a private recorded conversation for the purpose to falsely accused Goodson of intent to extort.
The Contreras also have their own MC Multiservicios Spanish Language radio program in La GranD 104.7 FM radio. Goodson is also trying to get a recorded copy of their program for Saturday, May 4, to see, if they also aired the conversation with Goodson to their listening audience.
Goodson was the reporter who published multiple news articles about several filed lawsuits between the Contreras and 49 alleged victims claiming that MC Multiservicios kept portions of their tax returns. The lawsuit between the Contreras and the 49 victims were later dismissed. 
A settlement agreement between the Contreras and another business owner was reached and the owner retracted and admitted the allegations brought against the Contreras were false and untrue. Goodson was the first reporter to also break the story of the dismissal of the lawsuits and a retraction made.
Since then, the Contreras have targeted Goodson because he hasn't apologized for reporting about the lawsuits, according to Contreras' statement made in the Nfoque Latino program. In contrary, Goodson said, "I did give the Contreras every opportunity to make comments about the lawsuits and allegations made against them, but they decided not to comment." 
The Contreras in fact, paid for two full page ads that included false statements against Goodson that were printed in both El Conquistador newspaper and El Mañanero newspaper in November 2012. Both Victor Huyke, publisher of El Conquistador and Jose Hernández, owner of El Mañanero failed to confirm whether Contreras statements about Goodson were true.
Goodson has requested a retraction from both local papers, but to date have failed to do so. Contreras has also failed to retract his published statements in both papers as well.

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