Wednesday, May 22, 2013

British Soldier Murdered And Killers Wait 20 Minutes At Scene To Confront Police

Suspect holds bloody knives in hand while making political statements.

Photo: amateur video

Several terrorist suspects killed an unarmed British soldier by stabbing him multiple times while people watched.

By H. Nelson Goodson
May 22, 2013

London, England - Police on Wednesday shot several terrorist suspects who attacked and killed an unarmed soldier dressed in civilian clothes on John Wilson Street in Woolrich. The suspects ran over the soldier near an army barracks with their vehicle and then attacked the soldier by stabbing him multiple times.
After killing the soldier, the suspects allowed people who witnessed the homicide to take amateur video of them while they made political statements. The suspects waited at least 20 minutes at the crime scene until police finally arrived.
Police then shot both suspects and were taken to separate London hospitals for treatment. Knives, a meat cleaver and a gun were recovered by police at the scene.
Witnesses told media outlets that the suspects killed the soldier because they were tired of British soldiers killing Muslims and wanted to start a war. Police haven't confirmed, if the victim was actually a British soldier. 
British authorities say, they're handling the investigation as a terrorist act. Some members of Parliament are questioning why it took police 20 minutes to get to the crime scene, leaving people in the area in harms way.

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