Thursday, May 2, 2013

15 Undocumented Immigrants Injured After Thrown From Moving Freight Train In Veracruz

Photo courtesy of Coatzadigital dot net

At least  South American undocumented immigrants were reported injured after they were thrown off from moving freight train by armed men for not paying a $100 quota fee.

By H. Nelson Goodson
May 2, 2013

Cosoleacaque, Veracruz,  Mexico - On Wednesday night at least 15 undocumented immigrants from Central and South America were reported injured after members of criminal organization affiliated with the Zetas threw them off a moving freight train around 7:00 p.m. called the Beast (Bestia). People from town of Barrancas in the municipality of Cosoleacaque came out to help the injured immigrants, the Coatzadigital dot net reported.
Some of the injured were taken to Minatitlán Civil Hospital for treatment. Members of the red cross, Civil Protection, Mexican military,  marines, local, state and Federal Police were called to the scene to provide aid and to investigate the crime scene. Police and he military have launched a dragnet to locate those armed men that ejected the immigrants from the train.
No one has been reported killed at the moment, according to a preliminary report by authorities.
The National Institute of Migration (INM) reported that armed men with machetes and weapons were believed responsible for the multiple injuries to the immigrants riding a freight train between the route of Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz to the state of Tamaulipas. The INM claims the train was stopped and the suspects boarded it to charge a passage fee. Those who refused to pay a quota of $100 to $300 were assaulted and injured, according to authorities.
Nine of the victims have been identified, one is of Mexican nationality, Julio Martínez Gómez, 18, who was reported shot in the left arm and eight from Honduras, José Alejandro Rosales Alcàntara, 30, Gustavo Adolfo Benítez, 29, Gerardo Herrera Hernández, 43, Raúl Alberto Ramos Martínez, 30, Henry Alexis Murillo, 28, Fausto Cornejo Pineda, 25, Elías Vázquez Rodríguez, 25, Saúl Roque, 47, who was injured with a machete blow to the head and Eder Heladio Chávez Venegas, 19, who was shot in the right leg.

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