Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Colin Sentenced To 19 Years In Prison For 5-year-old Child Neglect Death

Marcos A. Colin, Alyssa Marie Banda and Jayden Banda

Colin gets 19 years in prison and 14 years of supervision for the death of 5-year-old.

By H. Nelson Goodson
May 14, 2013

Milwaukee, WI - On Tuesday, Marcos A. Colin, 24, was sentenced to 19 years in prison and 14 years of extended supervision for the October 18, 2012, death of Jayden Banda, 5. Colin pleaded guilty to two felony counts of 2nd-degree reckless homicide and child neglect resulting in great bodily harm for punching Jayden and causing his death.
Doctors reported to police that Jayden had suffered a blown pupil, a baseball-size bruise to the head, a scrape to the chin and at least 20 bruises to his body, according to the criminal complaint.
Last month, Alyssa Marie Banda, 21, pled guilty to one felony count for neglecting a child resulting in death. She will sentenced on May 31, according to court records. 
Last year, Banda told police that Colin was "toughening him up" by jabbing him back handed with boxing gloves. But a doctor claimed, Jayden was punched multiple times with abusive and aggressive force causing severe injuries resulting in his death.

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