Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Zetas Involved In Casino Royale Massacre Presented To Media

(L-R) Luis Carlos Carrazco Espinoza, Javier Alonso Martínez Morales, Jonathan Jahir Reyna Gutiérrez, Juan Angel Leal Flores, and Julio Tadeo Berrones Ramírez.

Casino Royale owner Raúl Rocha has fled Mexico and an international warrant with INTERPOL has been issued by the Mexican PGR.

By H. Nelson Goodson
August 30, 2011

Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico - On Tuesday, five Zeta suspects involved in last Thursday's Casino Royale massacre were lined up and presented to the media. The Zeta suspects were identified as Luis Carlos Carrazco Espinoza, 25, aka, "El Chihuas" from Chihuahua; Javier Alonso Martínez Morales, 37, aka, "El Javo" from Monterrey; Jonathan Jahir Reyna Gutiérrez, 18, from Monterrey; Juan Angel Leal Flores, 20, aka, "El Cash" or "El Casillas" from Monterrey and Julio Tadeo Berrones Ramírez, 28, aka, "El Julio Rayas" from the Morales ranch in San Nicolás.
The suspects were taken into custody by the Mexican military and have confessed to participating in the mass killing. They are also members of the Zeta Cartel and more suspects are being sought, according to Rodrigo Medina De la Cruz, Governor of the state of Nuevo León.
The owner of the Casino Royale, Raúl Rocha has fled the country, according to Adrián de la Garza, the Nuevo León State Attorney General. A federal warrant and an international warrant for Rocha have been issued with INTERPOL, Cuitláhua Salinas, Assistant Attorney General from the PGR reported during a news conference.
De la Cruz confirmed that 53 people were killed inside the casino when it was doused with gasoline and set on fire by the suspects. The victims were trapped inside because most of the exits were locked and the Zetas poured gasoline at the entrance. Then they ignited a blaze blocking the front exits and trapping people inside.
Surviving victims told media outlets, that the suspects had fired their high caliber weapons at people, killing dozens and then through grenades igniting a deadly blaze. The suspects also shot up casino machines and had shouted that they would kill everyone. People began to run to the second floor and bathrooms causing a human stampede in which people stepped on fallen victims and bodies as they made their way to locked exits, according to victim accounts.
The surviving victims accused Governor De la Cruz of not telling the truth about the massacre and called on President Felipe Calderon and the Mexican federal government to investigate.
Authorities say, that the suspects were trying to extort $10,000 dollars a week from the Casino Royale owners. The owners refused to pay and the Zetas retaliated and set the casino on fire.
Two of the suspects were video taped at a nearby gas station filling cans of gas. The same vehicle at the gas station was also seen at the casino afterwards.

News video of Zetas presented to media at link; http://bit.ly/rqHSGc

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