Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Leader Of The Independent Cartel Of Acapulco Arrested By Mexican Marines

Moisés Montero Álvarez "El Koreano"

Photo: Prensa Libre

Montero Álvarez connected to the kidnapping and murder of 22 men from Michoacan.

By H. Nelson Goodson
August 2, 2011

Acapulco, Guerrero, Mexico - On early Monday, Moisés Montero Álvarez, 42, aka, "El Koreano" was arrested at a condo in Acapulco by Mexican Marines. Montero Álvarez is one of the leaders of the Independent Cartel of Acapulco or Cártel Independiente de Acapulco (C.I.D.A.) and connected to last year's kidnapping and murder of 22 tourists from Michoacan vacationing in Acapulco.
The men arrived for their annual trip to Acapulco in several vehicles with license plates from the state of Michoacan. They were confused by Montero Álvarez to have been working for La Familia Michoacana, which in fact they were only tourists. Their bodies were later found in a grave site in Tuncingo near Acapulco on November 6, 2010.
Montero Álvarez was taken into custody without incident along with José Arturo Larreta Álvarez, David Guerrero Casanova and a teenager.
In 2010, Carlos Montemayor González, 38,  or Alejandro García Treviño aka, "El Charro" the father in-law of Edgar Valdéz Villareal, aka, "La Barbie" was accused for the kidnapping and murder of the 22 Michoacan men. González told authorities, that the C.I.D.A. was responsible for the homicides of the 22 Acapulco tourists from Michoacan, after they were kidnapped at gun point on September 30. He said, C.I.D.A. had killed the tourists and they had accused him of ordering the killing, to try and eliminate him from the leadership of the Barbie's organization. González denied any involvement in the murders.
In González confession, he identified that Moisés Montero Álvarez, aka, "El Koreano," Carlos Antonio Barragán Hernández, aka, "El Melón," Benjamín Flores Reyes or Celestino Flores Reyes, aka, "El Padrino," Hever Jair Sosa Carvajal, aka, "El Cremas" and Cristian Hernández, aka, "Cris," the son of Arturo Hernández González, aka, "El Chaky," arrested in 2003, all members of  C.I.D.A. were responsible for the murder of the Michoacan tourists.
C.I.D.A. was affiliated with La Barbie's organization and González had told C.I.D.A. to stay calm, but they broke away after La Barbie was detained. C.I.D.A. believed the 22 men were members of La Familia Michoacana trying to muscle in and take control of their territory in Acapulco. The tourists were innocent and were confused as rival cartel members.
The 22 men reported missing and killed on September 30, were identified as Eugenio Calderón Melgarejo, Antonio Ortiz Chávez, Octaviano Ortiz Chávez, Eleuterio Servín Cortés, Efraín Cortés Rangel, Juan Jesús Chávez Ortiz, Héctor Calderón Pintor, Rigoberto Ortiz Chávez, Víctor Manuel Corona Mora, Juan Pablo Calderón Ortiz, Eduardo Ortiz Chávez, Pedro Casimiro Arévalo, Javier, aka, “N,” Juan Serrano Ortiz, Celso Rafael Zambrano Ramos, Fernando Antonio Ortiz, Sergio Zambrano Ramos, Alejandro Zambrano Ramos, Jonathan Sánchez García, Felipe Arriola Godínez, Adrián Pérez Sánchez and Pedro Cancino Arreola.

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