Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mexican Feds Seeking Several Suspects Connected To 193 Homicides In Tamaulipas

Mugshots of 16 San Fernando municipal police officers charged in connection with multiple homicides.

Feds have arrested 82 suspects including 17 San Fernando municipal police officers in a mass murder spree.

By H. Nelson Goodson
August 24, 2011

Mexico City - On Tuesday, the federal Mexican Attorney General's Office (PGR) reported that a national dragnet to locate several suspects connected to the mass kidnappings and murders in San Fernando, Tamaulipas is ongoing. The suspects were identified as Alfonso Martínez Escobedo, aka, "La Ardilla," a known Zeta leader and Román Ricardo Palomo Rincones, aka, "El Coyote," a Zeta leader incharge of the San Fernando area. The Mexican government has offered $15 million pesos ($1,153,846 U.S.) reward for information leading to the arrest of Escobedo and $10 million pesos ($769,230 U.S.) for Rincones.  
Since April 2, at least 82 suspects, including 17 San Fernando municipal police officers have been arrested and charged in connection with 193 homicides. The bodies of the victims were found by the military in 47 mass graves in rural San Fernando.
The accused local municipal police participated and helped the Zeta Cartel in kidnapping victims traveling in commercial passenger buses through San Fernando, according to the PGR.
The PGR confirmed, that 26 bodies have been identified through DNA and returned to family members. Five additional bodies will be released in several days.
The victims were from Guanajuato (8), Michoacan (5), Querétero (3), Tlaxcala (2), Guerrero (2), State of Mexico (2), Chiapas (1), Tamaulipas (1) Zacatecas (1) and Guatemala (1).
So far, key members of the Zeta Cartel in Tamaulipas have been indicted for the homicides. They were identified as Martín Omar Estrada de Mora, aka, "El Kilo," Fabiola Saray Díaz Arroyo, aka, "La Muñeca" or "La Fila," Esvi Leonel Batres Hernández, aka, "El Gato," and Johnny Torres Andrade, aka, "La Sombra."
The suspects are also connected to 72 bodies found on August 2010 in San Fernando. Authorities in 2010 identified 40 victims of the 72 bodies found in San Fernando from ID documentation the victims were carrying. The PGR confirmed that 13 were from El Salvador, 15 from Honduras, 5 from Guatemala, 6 from Ecuador and 1 from Brazil.

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