Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Eight Men Charged For Operating A Chop Shop In The South Side Of Milwaukee

Police raided the A91 Auto Repair and Towing shop on May 6, 2011.

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Months of investigation into stolen vehicles led to South side chop shop.

By H. Nelson Goodson
August 3, 2011

Milwaukee - Last Thursday, the A91 Auto Repair and Towing shop owners José Graveal Maldonado, 31, and Victor L. Gonzales, 25, along with six men were charged in Milwaukee County Circuit Court with operating a chop shop at 2628 S. 32nd St. The suspects were charge with stealing vehicles, burglary and removing vehicle major parts without consent. Maldonado is charged with nine felony counts and Gonzales with six felony counts.
The suspects began their operation in early winter, according to police investigators from Milwaukee Police District 2. The A91 auto shop was raided by police on May 6.
The operation involved several suspects taking vehicles in the early morning hours from the street by using a flatbed tow truck. The suspects are accused of taking at least six vehicles including four 1990's Honda Civics and Acura autos with aftermarket parts to the chop shop where other accomplices took off the motors, including the transmissions and other parts. The parts were sold to people looking for the aftermarket parts. The value of vehicles stolen and destroyed were valued between $20,000 to $30,000, according to the criminal complaint.
Marcos Miramontes, 33, charged with two felony counts arranged for the shell of the vehicles to be taken to a family member's South side W. Lincoln Ave. business that deals with scrap. Miramontes family member was able to sell the vehicle shells to a scrap metal yard without titles.
The suspects charged included, Heriberto Ismael Arce, 20, eight felony counts; Javier Antonio Ortiz, 27, five felony counts; Orlando J. Ortiz, 26, two felony counts; David Santiago, 35, five felony counts and Joseph Michael Randolph, 25, charged with eight felony counts.

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