Thursday, April 29, 2010

Zielinski Pulls Out From Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor's Race

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By H. Nelson Goodson
April 29, 2010

Milwaukee - On Tuesday, Anthony T. Zielinski (D-Milw) announced he will not seek the nomination for Democratic Lieutenant Governor for the State of Wisconsin. Zielinski decided not proceed in the election, after realizing he wouldn't succeed and a Democratic advisor close to Mayor Tom Barrett had influence his decision not to seek election.
The advisor was identified by Zielinski as, Pat Curley who denied, he had influence Zielinski to pull out of the race. Mayor Barrett (D-Milw) is campaigning for Governor, and would personally comment about Zielinski's surpised decision to quit the race. Governor Jim Doyle (D-Milw) has decided not to seek re-election.
Zielinski is the current Alderman of the 14th District in the City of Milwaukee. Alderman Zielinski was first elected to public office in 1988 as a Milwaukee County Supervisor, and has served since 2004 as an Alderman representing the southeast district of Milwaukee.

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