Thursday, April 29, 2010

HNNUSA Publishes 300th Article On Blogger, Viewed By People From Most Nations Worldwide

Photo: H. Nelson Goodson, while bicycle cruising stopped to get a Strawberry ice water paleta at the 2700 block of W. Lincoln Ave. Goodson enjoyed a taste of the Mexican culture found in the South side of Milwaukee. Awesome!

Congratulations Hispanic News Network U.S.A. ( for your 300th article posting on blogger

April 29, 2010

Milwaukee - Hispanic News Network U.S.A. (HNNUSA) is celebrating, and acknowledging the publication and posting of its 300th article "Zielinski Pulls Out From Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor's Race" on Google Blogger. HNNUSA provides articles of interests, breaking news, and educational features for the people surfing the Internet and social networks seeking information effecting their lives.
Topics include immigration reform, civil rights, crime, drug cartels, social events, business, economic growth, fraud investigations, scandals, government and police abuse and violations of the law and U.S. Constitution and other subjects of interest. 
"The articles and information provided by HNNUSA is for educational purposes and to document incidents as they happen to Hispanics (Latinos) and non-Hispanics locally and  throughout the World," said H. Nelson Goodson, HNNUSA blog administrator and Immigration Reform and Civil Rights journalist from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
HNNUSA began blogging in October 2008 and continues today.

The following link includes the profile of H. Nelson Goodson:

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