Friday, April 23, 2010

Arizona Governor Signs State Immigration Enforcement Bill Into Law, Justice Department To Determine Legality

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer

President Barack H. Obama ordered the U.S. Department of Justice to determine, if Arizona's new immigration enforcement bill SB1070 is legal

April 23, 2010

Phoenix, Arizona (HNNUSA) - On Friday, Governor Jan Brewer defiantly signed its own state immigration enforcement bill, despite opposition from members of Congress, President Barack H. Obama and countless civil rights activists. Obama claimed the bill will lead to civil rights violations of citizens living in the state and ordered the Dpartment of Justice to determine, if the bill in legal.
Immigration reform and rights activists say the Arizona bill will require police officers to question, inspect and determine the legal status of suspects or citizens, if there is reason to suspect they are in the country illegally.   
Gov. Brewer addressing the media said, "it's another step forward in protecting the state of Arizona...It's another tool to help resolve a crisis we didn't create and the federal government refuses to fix." Brewer was supported in the background by law enforcement officers who must enforce the new bill 90 days after the legislative session ends in two weeks.
Arizona's bill is expected to face a legal challenge by numerous groups and possibly the federal government. The federal government could block all federal funding to Arizona, if it determines the bill is discriminatory and illegal.
If Arizona is challenged in federal court for its alleged discriminatory version of an immigration bill, the state could end up in an economic crisis due to execessive court costs and federal appeals.
The new state immigration bill is creating rampant fear among undocument parents who have their children enrolled in Arizona's public school system. They are worried police will begin a statewide operation to round-up undocument students. Gov. Brewer said, she will not tolerate racial profiling or any abuse by law enforcement officers in enforcing the law. But, Brewer by signing the bill into law has just provided the tool for law enforcement officials to discriminate and to profile, since Latinos will no doubt be targeted for citizenship verification, according to H. Nelson Goodson, an immigration reform and civil rights journalist from Wisconsin.
Numerous anti-immigrant groups and organizations supported SB1070 and have been celebrating the passage of the bill. They are now pushing other states and its legislators to pass similar bills.
Arizona has become the first state to defying federal sovereignty and federal immigration laws in its quest to curve or stop illegal immigration flow into the country.
Goodson said, "Latinos and supporters for immigration reform are staging numerous economic boycotts in the state of Arizona, and Hispanic owned businesses are considering divesting from Arizona to show state officials that Latinos do have an economic impact in the state and throughout the country." Will divesting from Arizona have an influence in its state economy? Goodson strongly believes it will have a significant affect, and immediate results would be felt by the state when it fails to generate funds and tax dollars to support their immigration enforcement law.
A national call was made back in March for Latinos to engage in a U.S. economic boycott by limiting their spending in the nations economy. It's a simple economic equation, by Latinos "limiting their spending to bare essentials only, it can lead to their economic empowerment through the management of their purchasing power and thus resulting in immigration reform," Goodson explained. U.S. Hispanics expect to exceed their projected purchasing power of $1.3 trillion by 2013. 
Arizona by defying federal immigration laws and enacting its own version has put the state in the epicenter for immigration enforcement and reform. A resurgance of immigration reform movements among Latinos and supporters is expected to spread around the country, as it occured in 2006 when millions united and marched throughout the nation against U.S. Congressman James Sesenbrenner's (R.-WI) H.R. 4437 criminalizing everyone immigration bill, which failed to pass, Goodson added. 
Will Arizona face fierce economic boycotts by Latinos, legal challenges, and opposition by immigration reform activists, civil rights organizations, federal government and the Department of Justice probe to determine, if Arizona's state immigration bill is legal? Time will definately determine the outcome.

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