Sunday, October 7, 2018

Ernesto Nava Solares, El Pies Descalzos, The Barefooted Aztec Warrior Runner In Wisconsin Finished The Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon

Nava Solares became the first Mexican barefooted runner wearing a traditional Aztec Warrior outfit to finish in the 26.2 mile Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon in Wisconsin.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

October 7, 2018

Milwaukee, WI - On Sunday, Ernesto Nava Solares, 54, el "Pies Descalzos", the barefooted Aztec Warrior runner finished the 26.2 mile Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon (MLM) at 4:05:23, making him the first barefooted Aztec Warrior runner in traditional dress to finish the annual race in a wet pavement and concrete trail due to overnight rain including drizzle in the morning and in a 55 degree cloudy weather condition. No other runner in the MLM marathon ran barefooted.
Last year, Nava Solares ran barefooted in the MLM, but wore sports running clothes. 
Nava Solares has ran in four marathons in Wisconsin and the longest was the Silver Circle Sports Events, LLC 24hours run in Nashotah, WI, which he ran 14 hours and 9 minutes barefooted for 57 miles.
Nava Solares in a video posted on Facebook while he is running says, that his mind plays tricks on him like wanting to go to sleep and ect. and runs without drinking water or eating any food, but endures running barefooted while he continues on his quest to finish the marathon.
Nava Solares is a native of San Mateo Otzacapitan, Mexico, Mexico, but resides in Milwaukee. Nava Solares is also known as a community activist and immigration rights advocate including a business entrepreneur who founded Los Pequeños Empresarios de Wisconsin (Small Business Owners of WI).

The winner of the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon 2018 on Sunday was Kameron Burmeister with 2:45:21, according to the official MLM athlete tracking website.

Update: On November 18, 2018, Ernesto Nava participated in the  Reto Sierra Gorda Querétaro Ultra-marathon in the municipality of Peña Miller, Querétaro, Mexico. Nava ran 28 miles in total including 12 miles barefooted and the rest he ran with sandels due to the stony, dirt and wet hills terrain. Nava was the first runner to run barefooted for 12 miles in the marathon, according to Octavo Rodriguez Valencia, the marathon organizer. For more info and videos go to Facebook link:

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