Friday, October 7, 2016

On Point Security Guard Stomped On Iowa Protester While On DAPL Site

Recorded video showed a security guard kicking and stomping on a DAPL protesters while he was facing down and being detained by other guards on the muddy ground.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

October 7, 2016

Sandusky, Iowa - On Friday, Unicorn Riot reported that 6 Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) protesters including a Unicorn Riot reporter were taken into custody after a break in into a DAPL drilling site near the Mississippi, River. The DAPL operation at the site is drilling under the Mississippi River in Lee County, according to protesters (Water Protectors). Some of the protesters locked themselves to drilling equipment and temporarily stopped the operation.
One of the security guards from On-Point Security Group, LLC (OPSG) who wore head gear to cover his face kicked and stomped on one of the protesters held at the drilling site and the incident was video recorded. OPSG released a statement saying, that they are investigating the incident and that there "will be corrective action for this gentleman's action." 
The Lee County Sheriff's Office has not released any statement whether they are investigating the assault of a DAPL protester by a OPSG guard. OPSG has not identified the guard accused of stomping a protester in the incident.
Unicorn Riot, an independent news source released the video showing the guard assaulting the protester and confirmed that one of their reporters had been arrested with five other DAPL protesters.
In other news concerning DAPL protests, the Morton County Sheriff's Office in Mandan, N. Dakota announced that the Dane County Sheriff's Office from Madison, Wisconsin and other law enforcement agencies will be sending at least 40 deputies and officers to reinforce action necessary to contain protests by Native Americans against DAPL who are found to be trespassing on private property and attempting to stop DAPL construction. The Morton Sheriff's Office deputies and other law enforcement officers are equipped with full riot gear and specialized weapons, which the DAPL protesters say is not necessary because they hold peaceful protests including ceremonial prayer gatherings at DAPL construction sites and the Native Americans defending the water are not armed with weapons, but with feathers, according to Kandi Mosset, from New Town who spoke at the Bismarck-Mandan Unitarian Universalist Fellowship and Church Teach-in of the Dakota Access Pipeline gathering on Friday.
The water protectors and more than 500 tribes around the U.S. have united in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe in stopping the DAPL pipe line construction from crossing the Mississippi River in fear of an anticipated oil spillage once it begins to pump more than a half million gallons of crude oil through Indian sacred burial grounds and fresh water river.
The Morton County Sheriff's Office released the following statement,  Law enforcement assistance is coming from Wisconsin to aid North Dakota law enforcement responding to the DAPL protest. Up to 40 sworn sheriffs' deputies from Dane County Sheriff's Office, Wisconsin and the surrounding region will be arriving to support Morton County. "Dane County's experience with large-scale demonstrations will allow for their seamless integration with our current mission of ensuring the safety and security in Morton County. The additional deputies will provide the manpower needed to respond to multiple protest locations. This ultimately enhances our ability to provide a consistently strong law enforcement presence for all the people of Morton County," said Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier.

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