Saturday, October 22, 2016

Black Snake Ready To Cross Hwy 1806 To Destroy Native American Sacred Sites #NoDAPL Ground Zero

At least 126 water protectors arrested by law enforcement officers and the Morton County Sheriff's deputies in a riot deployment, some people were maced and injured in the police assault of unarmed peaceful protesters.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

October 22, 2016

Mandan, N. Dakota - The Morton County Sheriff's Office reported that at least 300 protesters (water protectors) had marched 3 miles West of Highway 1806 near a Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) construction site. An estimated 126 water protectors have been taken into custody, since August 10, a total of 269 have been arrested for illegal protests, according to the MCSO. Some of the water protectors were maced and others reported injured, according to Mryon Dewey, a journalist from Digital Smoke Signals media. Another journalist, Sara Lafleur-Vetter was also taken into custody at the scene. Some of those arrested were transported to multiple sheriff county jails in near by areas due to overflow of arrests in Morton County.
The police and MCSO deputies surrounded the water protectors and didn't allow them to leave the area when they pleaded with police that they would voluntarily leave. Some of the water protecters escaped across a river to safety.
Leaders of the Sacred Stone Camp have confirmed that DAPL (Black Snake) is getting ready to cross Highway 1806 into sacred land and burial sites, which would destroy Standing Rock Sioux Tribe historical sites and burial grounds. So far, 380 sacred sites have been destroyed, according to the #NoDAPL movement leaders. A plead has been made for all tribes and allies to converge into the area within the next several days to help stop the desecration of the sacred sites (Ground Zero).
The MCSO reported that the water protectors and journalist arrested will be charged with criminal trespassing and rioting. But, live videos recorded and posted on Facebook by water protectors show that the only rioters were the police who launched an assault on the unarmed water protectors.
DAPL construction has been taking place at night to gain ground.
Several weeks ago, a N. Dakota congressional delegation send a letter to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Department of Interior and the Corps of Engineers requesting additional resources and support for law enforcement efforts in Morton County to deal with the ongoing DAPL protests. According to the delegation, the projected cost for the state in dealing with the DAPL protests and demonstrations is estimated at $1M per week.
But, most likely any federal resources allocated to the State of N. Dakota geared for Morton County will only continue to fund illegal acts committed by assisting law enforcement officers, state patrol and MCSO deputies. The feds should certainly review and question any unlawful practices and policies violating the rights of people protesting at DAPL sites before approving a request by the state.
DAPL is not a public utility company, but a private corporation for profit and the use of eminent domain to allow pipeline construction on private land and Indian reservations is not legal and nor protected under federal, state laws including local ordinances, according to federal court rulings.

Dramatic videos:

 • Johnny Dangers video:

 • Wiyaka Eagleman video:

 • Myron Dewey video:

 • Tyisha Mitchell video:

 • Aggressive Outlaw with a badge maced water protectors near DAPL site

 • Angela Ohmer video, this is what the Morton County Sheriff's Office classified as a riot on the field near DAPL site:

 • Rob Wilson Photography, 28 photos from behind the scenes of police attack of water protectors and arrests near DAPL site

 • N. Dakota State Highway Patrol Captain Bryan Niewind in a press conference video says, police were out flanked, out numbered, officers used mace to protect themselves from rioters, called those conducting a peaceful Native American prayer ceremony a growing mob engaging in a riot.

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