Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Crow Creek Sioux Tribe Severs Ties With State After Deployment Of S. Dakota Highway Patrol To Morton County In N. Dakota

Sazue Sr., the tribal chairman for the Crow Creek Sioux Tribe cuts ties with the S. Dakota government after refusing to call back members of the S. Dakota State Highway Patrol assisting  the Morton County Sheriff's Office at #NoDAPL protest sites.

By H. Nelson Goodson 
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

October 25, 2016

Fort Thompson, S. Dakota - On Monday, Brandon J. Sazue Sr., the Chairman of the Crow Creek Sioux Tribe (CCST) sent a letter to S. Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard (R) informing him that once the tribal council approves a resolution, the tribe will cut all ties with the state government for their refusal to "withdraw" S. Dakota State Highway Patrol troopers assisting the Morton County Sheriff's Office (MCSO) at Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) protests sites. Sazue Sr. himself witness a S. Dakota trooper vehicle in Morton County while visiting the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.
So far, Governor Daugaard has not released a statement about allowing or the withdrawal of state highway patrol troopers assisting the State of N. Dakota and the MCSO in protecting their DAPL oil interests.
Sazue Sr. in a press release confirm, that the CCST will "rescind any or all contact with the State of South Dakota" including the "Null and Void" of the State Tribal Tax agreement and the State Highway Patrol (MOU). 
MCSO and assisting officers from WI, MN, IN, SD, NE and WY have been committing illegal stops and seizures without warrants, instigating attacks on peaceful Native Americans and allies during prayer ceremonies at #NoDAPL sites and shooting at Native American media drones to cover up illegal acts, macing water protectors (protesters) without provocation, arresting with abusive intent and charging journalists with criminal trespassing and rioting, including the abuse of criminal law concerning a riot and charging peaceful water protectors with engaging and inciting a riot when multiple social media live streaming videos at DAPL sites indicate that the MCSO deputies and assisting police are the ones engaging in a riot themselves.
MCSO deputies and assisting officers including Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier, Cass County Sheriff Paul Laney and Morton County State Attorney Ladd Erickson have shown a pattern of prosecuting journalists for reporting non-favorable news and blatant discrimination practices against Native Americans by charging protesters with frivolous rioting. Many Native Americans charged with a minor violation have been also stripped search while being booked at the Morton County jail to humiliate them and break their spirits, but have remained defiant against their cruel treatment. 
To date: not one of the White DAPL private security guards who unleashed a vicious dog attack against Native Americans and allies on September 3rd have been brought to justice. 
Those MCSO deputies and assisting rouge law enforcement officers (Outlaws with a badge) who intentionally violate the civil rights of Native Americans and allies could face federal lawsuits under the law. The states from where those officers come from could also be liable as well.

Update: Facing criminal charges, 7 Ohio Frost Kennels dog handlers involved on the September 3rd vicious dog attack of #NoDAPL protesters had no valid N. Dakota work license to do so, according to the Morton County Sheriff's Office ongoing investigation. It is a Class B misdemeanor for a private security company to work without a valid license in the state. No charges have been filed yet and the investigation of the incident is under review by the Morton County State Attorney's Office. Democracy Now video recorded the dog attack. Video: Ohio Kennels dog handlers unleashed vicious dog attack at #NoDAPL protesters in N. Dakota on September 3rd https://youtu.be/kuZcx2zEo4k

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