Friday, August 19, 2016

Siblings Felt Threaten When Milwaukee Police Officer Dominique Heaggan Approached Them

When siblings went to file a complaint against Milwaukee Police Officer Dominique Heaggan for questionable behavior, an officer in charge at the Milwaukee Police 7 District Station wouldn't take the complaint and told them the officer's actions were normal on the field.

By H. Nelson Goodson 
August 19, 2016

Milwaukee, WI - On Tuesday, Latoya Brown, a business owner on N. Teutonia Ave. posted on her Facebook account of a disturbing and harassing encounter with Milwaukee Police Officer Dominique Heaggan, 24, on July 12 after seeing that the officer was involved in the fatal shooting death of Sylville Smith, 23, over the weekend. According to Brown, she and her brother had just arrived at a home where they resided for over 30 years from a restaurant and got out of their vehicle when they encountered Officer Heaggan. 
Brown stated, while taking their food out of the vehicle that all of a sudden Officer Heaggan appeared in a police bicycle and asked them "What's up" while he was "grabbing" his side weapon. Brown who says they not friends with Officer Heaggan asked the officer why they were stopped or approached by him and the officer wouldn't answer. Officer Heaggan never unholstered his weapon, but Brown and her brother felt harassed and afraid that they were going to become victims. 
After Officer Heaggan left, both Brown and her brother went to the Milwaukee Police 7 District Station to file a complaint with the commanding captain in charge around 7:00 p.m., but he wasn't available, according to the police station's receptionist. A supervisor in charged talked to Brown and her brother, but Brown says, the officer in charge wouldn't take the complaint and told them that it was normal for the officer to act the way he did.
The officer in charge or receptionist didn't even adviced Brown that they could file a complaint with the Fire and Police Commission. When Brown was speaking to the officer in charge, Officer Heaggan walked into the area where they were and didn't look to happy that they were there to complain.
It's unfortunate that law-abiding citizens including a local business owner were not allowed to file a complaint nor did the officer in charge take any information to contact Brown, if needed. How many citizens have the Milwaukee Police 7 District Station have been turned away to keep them from filing complaints about their officers?

Here's Latoya Brown's Facebook posting, "So as I sat here reading and looking at the pics of this young officer who killed this young man on auer it's has come to my recollection  that this is the same officer who harassed  myself n my brother wesley brown sitting in front of our grandmother's home 2 weeks ago we had  just come from eating at bw3 and pulled up to my grandmother home who's resided there over 30+ years as we proceed  to grab our food to get out of the vehicle  this officer  who killed this young man approach us on bike n said what's up ? Myself n my brother were shocked  for many different  reasons for one we were not his friends so his approach  what's up was very unprofessional  we began  to say what's up with what ? Then he asked do yall live here ? (While grabbing his gun ) we stated yes at that point we were furious  because  we have  resided  at that same address  since we were born and never had a problem  like this we than went to speak to the captain as we walked in the  receptionist  at the 7th district  asked what was our concern we explain  to her our issue and she discribe this officer to a t without  us even known  his name at the time the officer in charge came and spoke  with us and felt as if everything  the officer did was ok  as we were speaking with the  officer in charge the officer came from the back looked at myself and my brother n smerked i am heartbroken  right now because  his actions on that day that me n my brother had to experience  was God awful  I was so scared for my brother because  we were Goin to be his next victim I pray to God this man gets what he deserves  #we are the voice #"

Facebook posting of encounter with Milwaukee Police Officer Dominique Heaggan

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