Friday, August 5, 2016

Ernesto Rodriguez And Francisco Villarreal Sought In Connection With The George Rodriguez And Alondra Gutierrez Murders In Laredo

Two suspects are being sought in connection for the George O. Rodriguez and Alondra A. Gutierrez double homicides in June.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

August 5, 2016

Laredo, Texas - On Friday,  the Laredo Police Department released the identity of a second suspect sought for questioning in a double homicide in June. Police are looking for Ernesto "Neto" Rodriguez, 35, as another person of interest in connection with the murders of George O. Rodriguez, 20, and Alondra A. Gutierrez, 19. Francisco "Frankie" Villarreal is also wanted as a person of interest in the double homicide as well, according to police.
The Laredo police homicide investigators executed a search warrant in late June at a home owned by René Orlando Martínez, the drummer for the popular Tejano/Norteño music group Intocable from Zapata and his wife, Teresa Martínez in connection with the Rodriguez and Gutierrez double homicide, according to police. Both the nude bodies of Rodriguez and Gutierrez were discovered at a vacant lot in the Northside of Laredo in the Lakeside Subdivision and had their heads covered with plastic bags. The bodies were in a state of accelerated decomposition, acording to an affidavit filed by police.
Police say, they found what they believed were blood stains in an upper floor carpet at the home where the stepson of René Orlando was staying. Police haven't confirmed, if the alleged blood stains were from the deceased victims, but did say that a couple of men were replacing the house carpets when a search warrant was executed.
Police reported that Rodriguez was wanted for an alleged shooting of a 22-year-old man in June. Apparently, Rodriguez and his live-in girlfriend along with Francisco "Frankie" Villarreal who is son of Teresa Martínez and the stepson of René Orlando were together when Villarreal got into an altercation with Esteban Yruegas, 22, who was shot in the foot and leg at the 3600 block of Galveston Street. Yruegas was shot by Villarreal due to a drug dealing quota dispute, according to the police affidavit. Yruegas survived and was later connected to a homicide, the Zapata Times reported. Yruegas and Pedro Vasquez, 29, are accused for the July 26 homicide of Cesar Javier Sarmiento, 44, at the 3300 block of Guerrero Street.
Rodriguez, Gutierrez and Villarreal were last seen together on June 13, the day of the shooting incident with Yruegas and were reported missing on June 16. Police also suspect that Rodriguez and Gutierrez were involved in elicit drug dealing with Villarreal. Villarreal, a convicted felon is also wanted for the June 13 shooting of Yruegas and as a person of interest for Rodriguez and Gutierrez murders. The decomposing bodies of the victims were found in a vacant lot on June 26 near by the Martínez home.
In June, Teresa Martinez told police that she helped relocate Villarreal to Houston. Villarreal was released from prison in February after serving a seven-year sentence for felony aggravated robbery. Police confirmed that Villarreal contacted a homicide detective on June 22, but failed to turn himself in for questioning and is wanted in connection for the Yruegas shooting incident and as a person of interest for the Rodriguez and Gutierrez homicides.

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