Saturday, May 2, 2015

Undocumented Immigrants Need To Spend Less To Influence Immigration Reform In America

What the GOP don't want you to know today!

"Everything has been tried to no avail (marches, children confronting politicians on immigration reform, get out the vote, letter writing campaign, electing Democrats to U.S. House, U.S. Senate and White House, a Day without Latinos, protests, civil disobedience acts, lobbying and etc.), it's time to use our economic empowerment of trillions of dollars. We should save more and spend less until immigration reform with a path to citizenship is approved. It's time to wake up and strike back by striking the GOP's pocket books where it will actually hurt them the most.
"Sacrifice and becoming persistent will pay off in a matter of several years or even sooner. The U.S. runs on producing and selling, but if Latinos/as and undocumented immigrants adjust to buying less, it will cause a ripple effect that will no doubt show, Hispanic buying power is what helps this nation prosper.
"The management of the Hispanic economic wealth is the key to influence change, but as an ethnic group we need to tighten our spending addiction temperarily and forgo some goods. I approve this message," H. Nelson Goodson, an Immigration Reform advocate and U.S. born citizen of an immigrant parent. (Dated: May 2, 2015)

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