Wednesday, May 13, 2015

No Justice, No Compromise, Justice For Tony T. Robinson And Dontre Hamilton

Peaceful rally and march called for the prosecution of police officers involved in the homicides of Tony T. Robinson and Dontre Hamilton.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

May 13, 2015

Milwaukee, WI - On Wednesday, more than one hundred people, including children gathered at Red Arrow Park for a peaceful rally and march to call for the U.S. Attorney in Wisconsin to look into the Tony T. Robinson, 19, homicide case. Robinson was shot multiple times by Madison Police Officer Matt Kenny, 45, on March 6. Robinson is Afro-American and Kenny is White. 
Members of the late Dontre Hamilton who was fatally shot by Milwaukee Police Officer Christopher Manny joined the rally. They told the crowd, that they will continue to protest and march against homicides perpetrated by police related shootings and seek justice for both Robinson and Hamilton. While marching through the downtown city streets, they chanted "No justice, No Compromised." 
On Tuesday, Dane County District Attorney Ismael Ozanne confirmed that Madison Police Officer Kenny was justified in killing Robinson on March 6.
Police released a policy squad dash cam video where it shows Kenney going a home and then stepping out firing several shots. Robinson was struck in the head and torso.
In March, Officer Kenny responded around to a report that man was involved in an alleged battery and was causing a disturbance by running between traffic on the street near the 1100 block of Williamson Street. When Officer Kenny arrived at the scene, he saw a man run into a home and immediately went to that home. The officer heard a disturbance inside the home and forced his way inside. Kenny drew his weapon during an altercation with Robinson who was then shot multiple times by the officer. Officer Kenny after shooting Robinson, he then began to administer for aid, according to the investigation by Madison police.
In April 2014, Hamilton who suffered from a mental illness was shot multiple times by Milwaukee Police Officer Manney at Red Arrow Park. The Milwaukee County D.A.'s Office ruled that Manney was justified in killing Hamilton. But, Milwaukee Police Chief Edward Flynn fired Officer Manney for not following protocol in searching a person with a mental disability ending with death. Officer Manney appealed his termination with the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission, which the Commission affirmed Manney's termination from the police department. Recently, Manney filed an appeal in a Milwaukee County court in an attempt to get his job back.
In Wisconsin's 129 year history, only the Milwaukee Police Officer Alfonzo Glover, 35, and undocumented Javier Prado, 25, homicide case in March 6, 2005 has been overturned from justified to murder after the Hispanic media pressured then Milwaukee County District Attorney E. Michael McCann to reopen the case and an independent investigation found Glover murdered Prado. Prado was shot 19 times with most fatally striking him in the back as he pleaded for mercy.
Glover committed suicide the same day he was charged with felony murder to avoid life in prison.

Video: Milwaukee Rally and March for justice for Tony T. Robinson

In Madison on Wednesday, police reported at least 25 demonstrators were arrested for obstructing a busy traffic intersection near the Capitol. The demonstrators went to the Dane County Courthouse and staged a mock trial. Some of demonstrators chained themselves together in front of the Dane County Jail as well.
Between 500 to 700 demonstrators marched on Wednesday in Madison for a second day after it was learned Officer Kenny would not be charged. Most of those arrested received a $124.00 citation for obstructing a street, which requires an arrest.

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