Thursday, September 26, 2013

Sotelo, "El Piolín" Denies Falsifying Immigration Reform Letters To Federal Legislators In 2007

Eddie "El Piolín" Sotelo

Sotelo in a second segment of an interview with Al Rojo Vivo denied that he helped falsify immigration reform letters sent to federal legislators. 

By H. Nelson Goodson
September 26, 2013

Los Angeles, CA - On Thursday, Eddie "El Piolín" Sotelo, 42, gave his second television network interview with Carmen Dominicci from Telemundo "Al Rojo Vivo." During his interview, Sotelo denied allegations that he falsified immigration reform letters seeking reform during a radio show campaign promotion that were sent to federal legislators during 2007. He also stated that not everyone that you come into contact have good intentions for your well being and then thanked all his supporters for their well wishes and prayers that helped him get through this difficult times.
Sotelo's earnings and investments have nearly totaled $15 million, one reason Sotelo says, that his co-workers from Univisión Radio have made false allegations against him. Because "they want my money and envy has led to those allegations," Sotelo said.
On Wednesday, Sotelo didn't go into depth about a lawsuit filed against him by Alberto "Beto" Cortez for sexual harassment, physical abuse, fraud and causing emotional stress for at least three years while working with Sotelo. Cortez allegations forced Univisión Radio executives in July 22 to take Sotelo off the air permanently. Univisión apparently ended a contract with Sotelo, abruptly ending his national syndicated Spanish language radio show after working for Univisión Radio for ten years.
Sotelo said during the Telemundo interview, that he wasn't fired because of Cortez allegations, but both Univisión Radio executives and Sotelo decided it would be better for him to leave the syndicated radio show. "It was just time to part ways," Sotelo admitted. 
Sotelo told Dominicci, that what happened to him, he wouldn't wish it to anyone else. He also became disappointed with his former co-workers after they falsely accused him that he sexually harassed them as well. Sotelo wouldn't go into details and didn't named any of his former co-workers due to pending litigation. 
Several weeks after Sotelo went off the air on July 22 at Univisión Radio, Cortez publicly made his allegations against Sotelo. Three weeks later, six other former co-workers from Univisión sent Sotelo a letter that they would be willing to keep their silence of what went on between them, claiming allegations he sexually harassed, committed fraud and physically abused them during their employment at Univisión. They wanted $4.9 million for not saying anything about Sotelo's behavior while they worked with him. Sotelo allegedly groped Cortez groin, according to a lawsuit filed by his attorney.
In late August, Sotelo and his lawyers cried foul and filed a lawsuit at a Los Angeles Circuit Court claiming that Tomás Alejandro Fernández, Samuel "Cusuco" Heredia, Domingo Rodrigo Ochoa, Gerardo "Chiquirruco" Palencia, Bertha "Betusha" Velasco and Sergio "Checo" Vera were attempting to scam and extort Sotelo for $4.9 million to keep silent of what went on while working with Sotelo.
Sotelo and his attorneys submitted the letter as prove and evidence of an extortion attempt by the six defendants and their attorneys. 
El Show de Piolín, which is Sotelo's new Spanish language satellite radio show is expected to air on Sirius XM in October, according to Sotelo.
Sotelo says and makes fun that, he is the "ugliest DJ" in the radio.

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