Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Major Flood Devastation Causing Shelter, Food And Water Shortages In Guerrero, Mexico

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Tropical storms Ingrid and Manuel hit Mexico from the Atlantic and the Pacific causing major flooding in 20 states, including Guerrero.

By H. Nelson Goodson
September 18, 2013

Guerrero, Mexico - More than 1,000 people have been reported missing due to communication blackouts and hundreds are feared dead, but authorities have reported only 80 dead in the hardest hit states in Mexico where both Tropical storms Ingrid and Manuel hit the area. The death toll is rising around two-thirds of Mexico that was hit by heavy rain fall when the tropical storms brought torrential rains and floods to 20 states. 
Reports of power failure, Internet blackout, food and water shortages in Guerrero have gone viral on Facebook. Hotels in the Acapulco district are facing the worst food shortages and some of the staff workers have abandoned their jobs leaving hundreds of tourists to survive on their own. ATM's have lost power and some tourists are left without funds and local food stores have been emptied out causing chaos and fast food restaurants are just accepting cash while refrigeration at restaurants have lost power.
In other parts of Guerrero, bridges, roads, power lines connecting municipalities have been wiped out leaving people, including children stranded and without and any aid. Food and water is rapidly diminishing while the Mexican federal government has been slow to reach those people in rural areas and Acapulco.
People began to steal merchandise, food, big screen TV's and other appliances from Costco and other major stores in Acapulco.
Also, the major drug cartels have suffered a big setback to their trafficking and drug smuggling operations in the regions reporting flood damages and loss of revenue.
Reuters is reporting that the state government of Guerrero is estimating a total of $5 billion in pesos damage ($387M in U.S.). No federal government aid has reached Guerrero, according to Facebook postings on Solo Guerrero Facebook page as of two hours ago.

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