Thursday, September 26, 2013

Greenfield Officer Roszak Charged With Felony After Lifting And Tossing Female Into Cell Metal Stool

Thomas P. Roszak and Amanda M. Luke

Surveillance camera caught Officer Roszak lift Luke and then threw her inside her cell hitting a metal stool while using explecit language at her.

By H. Nelson Goodson
September 26, 2013

Greenfield, WI - On Thursday, Greenfield Police Officer Thomas P. Roszak, 30,  was charged with one felony count for misconduct while in office and using excessive authority for a July 27 incident inside the Greenfield Police Department booking section. Apparently, Amanda M. Luke, 30, was taken into custody for fleeing and eluding police. She was charged with one felony count for eluding police and a misdemeanor count for driving while her license was revoked and refusing a sobriety and control substance test.
Luke was being booked by Roszak when she began to demand to use a phone to call someone. She put her hands on Roszak's chest and was saying, "I F..king hate you!" to the officer. Roszak then grabbed her from the torso, lifted her, carried her to her cell and then tossed her into the cell. Luke's body hit a stationary metal stool inside the cell and Officer Roszak told Luke, "F..king bitch." He locked the cell door and didn't even check, if Luke had injured herself. Luke's body later exhibited bruises. 
The whole incident and verbal expletive exchange between both Luke and Roszak was caught by surveillance cameras in the booking section and cell, according to the criminal complaint.
Luke pleaded not guilty in her case and remains free on a $500 cash bond and must remain sober and must take random drug tests.
Roszak who has been suspended with pay was ordered to report for booking on Friday at the Milwaukee County jail and will be set free on a $2,500 signature bond.
An internal investigation by the Greenfield Police Department was also initiated to determine, if Roszak violated department policy.

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