Tuesday, October 4, 2011

¡Ya Basta! Call For U.S. National Economic Protest Against Anti-immigrant Initiatives And Laws

Hispanics need to collectively learn how to manage their spending power to influence change in the U.S.

October 4, 2011

Milwaukee, Wisconsin (HNNUSA) - The recent ruling by U.S. District federal Judge Sharon L. Blackburn in Alabama to uphold certain key parts of HR 56. The HR 56 provisions require schools to register the legal status of students and for police to hold undocumented immigrants without bond indefinately, including ending the legal right for contracts involving undocumented immigrants be voided immediately is outrageous and contrary to our constitutional values.
These HR 56 provisions are currently in effect and are being implemented in the State of Alabama. The U.S. Department of Justice and civil rights groups have appealed Judge Blackburn's recent ruling.
Blackburn's decision has prompted H. Nelson Goodson, an immigration rights activist in Wisconsin to shout out ¡Ya Basta! to Hispanics nationally who are sick and tired of the growing anti-immigrant bashing that leads to a racial disparity trend in the U.S. fueled by Republican extremists. Goodson said, "Latinos should enage in a national economic protest. We should only buy goods and services from Hispanic owned businesses and businesses supporting communities in wake of Alabama's HR 56 and growing trend of anti-immigrant initiatives and laws against immigrants and their children. It's time to stand up for each other and show our economic empowerment once and for all. It's our given right to act.
Stop Republican conservative extremists and their anti-immigrant campaigns!"
Since 2006, Hispanics have been able to march in the millions against harsh anti-immigrant laws, have gained political strength and changed the political direction in the federal government, including building national networks to mobilized Latinos "La Raza." Now, we need to go further and accomplish our final step by crossing over to our next challenge, which is to learn how to manage our economic empowerment inorder to influence change in the country, Goodson explained.
America has benefited from immigrant contributions to our economy, whether in taxes, unclaimed taxes at the state and federal level, low wage labor and etc. Now, is the time to act by reaching deep into our pockets and then decide where to spend our hard earn money. Spend it where it benefits the most, Goodson said.

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