Sunday, October 23, 2011

15-year-old Mexican Boy Arrested For Torture And Murdering Two Women At Isla Mujeres

Teenager confessed to double homicide and admitted to be the alleged leader for Los Pelones.

By H. Nelson Goodson
October 23, 2011

Cancún, Quintana Roo, Mexico - On Thursday, Jonathan Ariel Meneses Marín, 15, aka, "El Gallito," the alleged leader of Los Pelones (Skin Heads) was taken into custody by the Quintana Roo State Judicial Police and Mexican military. Marín confessed to torturing and cutting the throats of two women on Wednesday. He is facing three years in juvenile detention, if convicted for the homicides, gang criminal activity and drug trafficking.
Police identified the women as, Analy Bautista Valente, 28, aka, "La Gorda" and Irasema Domínguez Castellano, 23, aka, "Erika."
Marín told police that his boss "El Johnny" had ordered him to kill the women because they were selling drugs to benefit themselves and were considered traitors. El Johnny had two other suspects identified as El Negro and El Güero to work along with Marín to lure both women to the San Jorge Hotel. Once the women arrived at the hotel, the suspects tied both women, covered their mouths with tape, proceeded to torture and then cut their throats.
The bodies were found late Wednesday at the hotel. Domínguez Castellano's family who reported her missing found her motorcycle parked in front of the San Jorge Hotel.
Police determined that Marín and several suspects who rented room nine had committed the homicides. They were able to find the kitchen knife and gloves used to commit the murders.
The State Attorney General's Office spokesperson, Gaspar Armando García Torres confirmed, that Bautista Valente had been arrested for cocaine possession on October 14, but had been released on bail due to the amount confiscated. Marín and El Johnny discovered that Bautista Valente had more drugs on her possession than what was given to her to sell. She was selling a larger quantity of drugs to rip-off Los Pelones, according to Marín.
Marín told police, that he was in charge of Los Pelones gang at Isla Mujeres, which is composed of adolescents ranging in ages from 14 to 15. They were in a feud with Los Zetas who were trying to take over the Isla Mujeres vacinity, according to García Torres.

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