Friday, October 21, 2011

2-year-old Yue Died Of Injuries After Chinese Pedestrians Failed To Help Child In two Hit and Run Incidents

Child had been in a coma since October 13.

By H. Nelson Goodson
October 21, 2011

Foshan, Guangdong Province, China - Chinese officials confirmed that Wang Yue, 2, who was struck by two vehicles at an alleyway in a market place and left bleeding as pedestrians passed by has died. Yue subcummed to "systemic organ failure" on Friday.
Yue's plight was video taped by a surveillance camera at a Foshan market place business. She was seen walking along an alleyway when a white van strucked her and the driver didn't even stopped. At least 17 passers by were captured on video footage going by Yue's injured body without noticing her at all.
Another heavy truck then ran over Yue's legs and didn't stop.
More than eight minutes went by, until Chen Xianmei, 57, a rag collector noticed Yue and moved her to the side. Xianmei went to local businesses asking for help and information about Yue and she was told to mine her own business.
Qu Feifei, Yue's mother could be seen picking up the child afterwards. Xianmei has been hailed as a national Chinese hero for helping Yue.
The drivers of both vehicles that struck Yue have since been arrested. The more than 17 pedrestrians that went by Yue without helping her have been criticized in social networks and news media for not trying to help the child when she was struck.
Chinese officials in the Guangdong Province are trying to create a good samaritan law to make people help others when incidents happen.

2-year-old girl injured and people just passing by and ignoring the injured child at video link:

News video: Qu Feifei, the childs mother at local hospital:

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