Friday, October 7, 2011

Milwaukee County Sheriff Clarke Criticised Judge Wagner For Giving Illegal Immigrant Felon Work Release

Armando Rodriguez-Benitez

Illegal Immigrant convicted felon gets work release in Milwaukee County.

By H. Nelson Goodson
October 7, 2011

Milwaukee - On Wednesday, Armando Rodriguez-Benitez, 35, of West Allis was sentenced to 11 months in the House of Corrections and three years probation after pleading guilty for 2nd-degree recklessly endangering safety, a felony. Rodriguez-Benitez must pay almost $1,000 in court charges and probation costs. On September 12, Rodriguez-Benitez also pleaded guilty due to no contest for 1st operating while intoxicated and was fined $871.00.
Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke criticised and became outraged at Milwaukee County Judge Jeffrey A. Wagner, Branch 38 for giving Rodriguez-Benitez work release when he is an illegal immigrant and shouldn't be working. Sheriff Clarke contacted the Immigration and Customs Enforcement to get Rodriguez-Benitez off the streets and deported. Rodriguez-Benitez can be deported on a felony conviction.
In July, he was cited for operating a vehicle with prohibited alcohol concentration of .25, more than triple the legal limit. In Wisconsin, it's illegal to drive with a Breath and Alcohol Concentration of .08 or greater.
Rodriguez-Benitez was also cited with heading the wrong way on I-43. He drove into the freeway the wrong-way on W. Becher St. and I-43 and proceeded northbound on the southbound lanes.

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