Sunday, December 12, 2010

15 Suspects Arrested In Connection With The Escape Of Celada Galdámez In Malacatán Guatemala

Elmer Aroldo Celada Galdámez

Photos: Guatemalan Ministry Government

Escaped prison murder suspect still at large and being sought by police and Guatemalan army

By H. Nelson Goodson
December 12, 2010

Malacatán, San Marcos, Guatemala - On Friday, a total of 15 men connected to Los Zetas involved in the deadly prison escape of Elmer Aroldo Celada Galdámez, 20, have been arrested, announced the Attorney General of Public Ministry Office. Two men were killed and six federal agents, including a soldier were reported injured on Wednesday. Galdámez is still at large and is being sought for the homicide and dismemberment of pro-soccer player Carlos Mercedes Vásquez on November 27.
Galdámez is also wanted for homicides of a Guatemalan federal agent on November 25, several men from Mexico and causing injuries to former beauty queen Odalis Lutin Rodas, 30, from Sinaloa, Mexico.
A joint operation by the National Civil Police Guatemalan Army and the Attorney General of Public Ministry Office were able to capture the suspects. The suspects were identified as Sergio Alex de León Cinto, 34, Mario Guillermo de León Cinto, 43, Wilver Aroldo de León Cinto, 23, Edgar Roberto Lux Meda, 21, Gerson David Castañaza Cruz, 23, Hudo Emmanuel Alvarado Pop, 25, Jim Manahem Herrera Sol, 22, both from Cobán, Alta Verapaz and Luis Daniel Rodríguez García, 27, from Poptún, Petén, Ovando Chanay Canaquic, 22, from Salamá, Baja Verapaz and Jorge Alberto Set Vaides, 22, from Poptún Peten, Jesús Cruz Maldonado, 24, from Tamaulipas, Mexico, Luis Alberto Montufar Pérez, 25, Darwin Gudiel Vásquez Hernández, 23, Joel Isaias Tol Chavéz, 22, from Santa Lucia Cotzumalguapa, Escuinta and Selvin Osueli Campeseco Montejo, 35, from La Aldea Cantán.
All the suspects were transported to the Guatemalan capitol for processing. Authorities confiscated numerous high power weapons, AK-47's, an M-16, several handguns and vehicles used in the prison escape shoot out.
Galdámez who was arrested on December 5, for the murder of Vásquez escaped from prison with help of at least 20 armed men believed to be members of the Mexican Zetas who launched a daring attack on a prison around 2:45 a.m. and managed to flee the area along with Galdámez.
Police say, prison official Carlos Alberto Fuentes and Otto Barrientos Sánchez, 39, a passer-by were killed. Sánchez 10-year-old daughter Débora Barrientos Maldonado was injured. The following federal agents Usvín Amílcar Miranda Godínez, Lelvin Israel Ramírez Cifuentes and Edwin Freddy Godínez Orozco, including Sergio John Sosa López, a member of the military were reported injured while trying to repell the attack at the prison.
The criminal complaint states, Galdámez kidnapped Vásquez on November 27, and later killed and dismembered his body, which was then dumped in five plastic bags under a bridge. A note was placed on a bag saying, "died for messing with another man's woman."

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