Monday, August 9, 2010

Major Family Drug Ring With Alleged Mexican Cartel Ties Busted In Kenosha, Racine And Burlington By Feds In Wisconsin

FBI file photo

Kenosha head of family financed businesses for family members involved in alleged drug operation connected to Mexican drug cartels

By H. Nelson Goodson
August 8, 2010

Kenosha, WI - Last Wednesday, a federal judge issued $4 milion cash bail for multiple suspects with origins to Mexico after they were indicted for alleged drug trafficking. The suspects appeared before a magistrate in Milwaukee federal court to face charges.
A combined federal joint operation with local law enforcement departments arrested 6 members of a Kenosha family and another man on July 29 for alleged illegal drug trafficking charges and conspiring to distribute. The Federal Bureau of Investigation, Racine, Kenosha and Burliington police and the Sheriff's Department in three counties were able to nab the suspects. The investigation led to information provided by an informant who later began to work with the feds to compile evidence and bring down the family drug ring.
The feds alleged the main leader who lives in Kenosha managed and owns partnership of the Fracaso tavern and other businesses. The Fracaso bar is still operating and the feds are investigating to see, if funds to finance the opening of the bar were used from the alleged drug operation. 
The ring leader is accused of using drug money to finance businesses operated by family members. They lived in homes worth more than $500,000, had expensive vehicles like Hummers and operated from Racine, Kenosha and Burlington, according to information gathered in the investiagtion.
Feds have been investigating the leader connection for a long period and believe the suspects have ties to Mexican drug cartels, which supplied drugs to the suspects in Southeastern Wisconsin.
On Saturday, the feds including local law enforcement officers converged at the Racine Mexican Fiesta grounds looking for other suspects involved with the family drug trafficking ring. 
The feds and the Eastern U.S. Attorney's Office have not made the indictments public or have released information confirming the major bust.

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