Sunday, May 20, 2018

LULAC Council 346 President Jaime Alvarado Claims State Convention Held In Wisconsin Illegal And Requests Another Be Held

Last week's LULAC State Convention held at the UMOS Corporate Headquarters in Milwaukee was not legally scheduled and it was held on a Thursday causing hardship for some members to attend, which LULAC has a history of holding State Conventions on the weekends and not on a weekday.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

May 20, 2018

Milwaukee, WI - On Saturday, Jaime Alvarado, the President of League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) Council 346 released a filed complaint with Joe Henry, LULAC National VP for the Midwest and Manuel Escobar, LULAC National Legal Advisor with the National LULAC Board claiming multiple irregularities that led to holding an illegal LULAC State Convention in Wisconsin on May 17th at the UMOS Coporate Headquarters on S. Chase Ave. in Milwaukee in less than 30-days, violating a 30-day notice stipulation under the LULAC Constitution, including the use of a "cheat sheet" list to elected certain hand picked corporate candidates by four "corporate" LULAC councils (#337, #333, #342 and #343), which all the candidates on the list won election. Alvarado also claimed in a 3-page filed complaint with Henry and Escobar, that his candidacy for State Director in Wisconsin was rejected and blamed the "iron fist" tactics used by the Wisconsin State LULAC Director Eileen Figueroa de Lopez and Darryl Morin, candidate for National LULAC President and current State LULAC Secretary.
Figueroa de Lopez and the corporate councils apparently have endorsed Morin, a Republican for National LULAC President and Figueroa on April challenged three chartered LULAC Councils, which Alvarado and Patricia Kraker helped organized to be registered. According to Alvarado, Figueroa de Lopez gave no evidence in her challenge that the charters were not credible and the National Board eventually decided to approve the three LULAC Council charters that were challenged by Figueroa de Lopez.
Alvarado claimed that a $20 fee was charged for all members attending the State Convention last week Thursday, which it is also illegal to hold a convention on a weekday, according to the LULAC Constitution and Bylaws and that the fees were geared for council members to attend the 89th LULAC National Convention in Arizona in July and those new council members with less than one year in existence would be required to pay the $20 fee, but would be excluded from using and sharing the same funds to attend the national convention.
Having a State Convention on a weekday is not legal according to the LULAC Constitution and LULAC Bylaws, ARTICLE II, Conventions, Section I—Authority To Hold Conventions: Annual conventions of the National, State and District Assemblies may be held as authorized in Article VI, Section l.c., Section 4.c., & Section 6.c., respectively, of the National Constitution. All conventions shall be held in the months stipulated in the Article and Section cited, at such dates as the National Board of Directors, State and District Councils may determine, provided such dates fall on a weekend.
As a remedy, all transactions that transpired during an illegal State Convention would be considered null and void, according to the LULAC Constitution and Bylaws.
Alvarado says, "It is frustrating that over the years, a core group, led by Darryl and Eileen, consistently rule over the state board like an iron fist, promotes discrimination, and shuts down inclusiveness - there are many more examples. It is also frustrating that they are willing to pick and choose the rules that are only convenient to them and not the state as a whole."
As a remedy, Alvarado is requesting for another State Convention to be held on the weekend (Saturday) in June or July in Wisconsin at a local library and for free and he hopes to see fair treatment for all LULAC Councils in the state and their members, despite who they support for LULAC National president. 
Civil Rights Texas Attorney Domingo Garcia, a Democrat from Dallas, Texas seems to be the favorable candidate expected to be elected at the National LULAC Convention in Arizona by a majority of LULAC Councils from Texas and nationally, according to endorsements made publicly.

Morin in response to Alvarado's complaint acknowledged that he agrees, that a State Convention should be held due to the lack of a 30-day notice, but Morin failed to address several issues that Alvarado also exposed in the complaint, that the convention was held on a weekday, thus violating the LULAC Constitution and Bylaws and promoting discrimination by charging new councils a required $20 fee to attend the convention, which these same councils will be excluded from using the same funding and fees to participate at the LULAC National Convention in Arizona due to a decision rendered by Morin and others during the convention on Thursday.
See attached press release by Morin.

Alvarado's response to Morin's press release.

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