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Apology Sought From LULAC National President Candidate Darryl Morin Concerning Inaccurate Claims About President Of LULAC Council 346

Morin's Facebook press release about an illegal Wisconsin State Convention draws crticism and several comments, but were deleted to avoid any response and an apology from Morin, a candidate for LULAC National President for making inaccurate claims.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

May 25, 2018

Milwaukee, WI - On Friday, Attorney Sarah Blackwell, the Vice-president of League of Untied Latin American Citizens (LULAC) Council 330 (Womens Council in Wisconsin) posted a comment and asking if an apology from Darryl Morin is "forthcoming." Morin's press release dated May 20 addressed the issue of holding an illegal Wisconsin State Convention and Blackwell's claim about Morin's personal "defamation" attacks on an individual that he failed to name on the press release. The unnamed individual also posted a comment in response to Morin's press release and identified himself as Jaime Alvarado, the LULAC Council President for #346. Alvarado is also requesting an apology from Morin. Both Blackwell's and Alvarado's comments were conspicuously removed (deleted) from Morin's press release Facebook (FB) post dated May 20th on his LULAC National President Facebook candidate page. Blackwell was also blocked from posting in Morin's FB page. It seems that Morin is facing an embarrassing situation and might be hesitant to respond to both Blackwell's and Alvarado's comments, but did admit that another Wisconsin State Convention should be held after Morin who is the Wisconsin State LULAC Secretary of the Executive Board and a LULAC National Presidential candidate; and Eileen Figueroa de Lopez, the Wisconsin LULAC State Director apparently ignored advised from Patricia Kraker, the Deputy State Director for Women and the LULAC Women's Council #330 who had also advised Morin and Figueroa de Lopez two weeks prior to the State Convention that it was an illegal act to hold the convention that soon without proper notice and during the week, but despite Kraker's and the Women's Council objections, Morin and Figueroa de Lopez decided to hold the convention, which is now null and void, according to a recent ruling from Manuel G. Escobar Jr., the LULAC National Legal Advisor after Alvarado filed a 3-page complaint against Morin and Figueroa de Lopez for multiple irregularities that occurred in Wisconsin affecting multiple LULAC councils.
Hispanic News Network U.S.A. (HNNUSA) has included Alvarado's 3-page complaint, Morin's press release concerning Alvarado's complaint, Alvarado's response to Morin's press release and Blackwell's response as well. Please note that both Alvarado's and Blackwell's comments posted on Morin's Facebook press release "Darryl Morin Calls For End To LULAC Politics As Usual & For New Wisconsin State Convention" post dated May 20th were removed, but HNNUSA has obtained a copy of the comments and has made them public. Morin nor Figueroa de Lopez have yet to respond to Escobar's ruling about Alvarado's complaint and the comments requesting a response by Alvarado and an apology from Morin requested by Blackwell.
The following is Blackwell's comment that was previously posted on "Darryl Morin Candidate for LULAC National President" Facebook page. Blackwell later posted, "As some of you know, LULAC Wisconsin held its annual State convention last week. At the convention, Jaime Alvarado sought to be recognized as a candidate. He was told he was not eligible. He also objected to the date and day of the convention because the LULAC Constitution requires 30 days notice and must not be held on a weekday. The date of the convention was announced less than 30 days prior and was held on a Thursday. After the convention, he filed a complaint with LULAC National.

After Jaime Alvarado files his complaint, Darryl Morin posts a statement on his FB page "Darryl Morin for LULAC National President" on May 20, 2018. The statement defames Jaime, proclaims Darryl's loyalty to the LULAC Constitution, expresses his support for calling a new convention, and implies that had he known the convention was improperly called, he would have certainly intervened to correct the error before the convention.

On May 21, LULAC National upholds all of Jaime's claims: he was eligible for election and the convention was improperly called (so the election results are void).

Today, I posted a response to Darryl's statement, after much debate with myself. I decided that staying silent meant I implicitly agreed with what Darryl said in his statement even though I believe what he said was wrong. I am not going to be silent.

In less than an hour, the statement was deleted from the FB page "Darryl Morin for LULAC National President". Not only is he gratuitously defaming people to advance his political agenda, he is interfering with freedom of speech.

Please feel free to share this onto your timeline. At least this message cannot be deleted.

Apologies for the long post.

BELOW IS THE POST DELETED FROM THE Facebook Page "Darryl Morin for LULAC National President"

I read statements like the one Darryl posted on May 20 and I am filled with sadness and dismay.  I have debated with myself about whether I should say anything and hoped that someone else would speak out, but that hasn't happened. Part of me thinks I should just stay quiet because saying anything is likely to make some people very unhappy.  But my conscience tells me I have to speak because if I don't speak, then I am implicitly supporting something that I think is wrong.  

Until this statement, I had a great deal of respect for Darryl, respect that had increased in recent weeks when he took the time to meet with my Council to tell us about the challenges confronting LULAC and his vision for transforming the organization. When he met with us, he spoke earnestly and candidly.  I was impressed with his plan. 

This statement changes everything for me.

I have watched this posting with great interest for the last few days to see how others react.

My initial interest was:

1. Would anyone object to his gratuitous defamation of an unnamed person in the first two paragraphs?

Defamation is intended to harm another person's reputation.  The target of defamation does not have to be named. The defamation in Darryl's statement was completely unnecessary and done clearly for his political gain. Ironic then that he accuses his target of playing politics.

The LULAC Code calls on members to be honorable. There is nothing honorable about defaming another LULAC member.

2. Would anyone note the irony of his statement that he stands by the LULAC Constitution?

His statement implies that he initially believed the convention date was proper.  The Constitution though is quite clear: 30 days notice and the convention must not be held on a weekday.

Darryl is the Secretary of Wisconsin LULAC State Executive Board.  As a long time member of LULAC and a person with many years experience in LULAC leadership positions, it seems reasonable to believe he knows the LULAC Constitution very well.

He attended the Board meeting that set the date of the convention.  He did not object to the date.  Only one person objected: Patricia Kraker.

Darryl has significant influence on State Executive Board.  Had he objected to convention date at the Board meeting, the Board would have listened to him, so the presumption must be that he was prepared to allow an improper convention proceed. 

And what of the contradiction between paragraph two, where he claims 30 day notice was given, and paragraph three, where he says that the lack of 30 day notice is reason to call another convention?

3. Would anyone challenge his statement that all councils were represented at the State Convention?

All Councils were not represented at the convention. Three councils were unable to send any delegates because of the timing of the convention.

My later interest was:

1. Given Darryl has been proven wrong on the claims that the defamed person raised, would he issue a public apology?

National LULAC has upheld the claims of the unnamed target of defamation. He was eligible to stand for election. The State Convention also was improperly held: it should not have been held on a weekday and there was not 30 days notice.

On learning this, an honorable person would issue a public apology. So far, there is only silence from Darryl, but perhaps an apology will be forthcoming.

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