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National LULAC President Roger C. Rocha's Corruption Of Principle Reign Exposed By Presidential Candidate Darryl Morin

Morin, a candidate for National LULAC President in 2018 exposed the "Corruption of Principle" reign by current disgraced National LULAC President Roger C. Rocha Jr. and his supporters within the organization.

By H. Nelson Goodson 
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

February 18, 2018

Milwaukee, Wisconsin - On Sunday, Darryl Morin, a former National LULAC Vice-president of the Midwest posted a Facebook video on his account that explained what actually happened in Washington, D.C. when the LULAC National Board met, the resignation of Brent Wilkes, the CEO of the National League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) and Morin also confirmed the "Corruption of Principle" by Rocha and his followers. Rocha has agreed to rescind the restraining order as long as the National Board backed away from removing him and let him serve his full term, including for Joe Henry, the National LULAC Vice-president of the Midwest to stop writing negative articles about Rocha. Rocha has endorsed Domingo Garcia, a Dallas, Texas attorney for National LULAC President, according to Morin. If Garcia is elected in July during the annual National Convention, he will definitely follow the long line of those elected before him that no outsider from Texas will get elected as LULAC National President confirming the long standing corruption within the National LULAC.
Garcia's supporters have threaten Morin including other members at the National level and indicated for him to pull out from the race as the next president at the National LULAC. Morin confirmed that he is a candidate for president of the National LULAC and believes Rocha should be removed or impeached.
Last Friday, Wilkes resigned after Roger C. Rocha Jr., the LULAC National President refused to resigned and filed a civil lawsuit seeking a restraining order in Bexar County, Texas to keep the LULAC National Executive Committee Board from ousting him from office. A judge in Bexar County granted Rocha a restraining order on Thursday and a hearing for a continued restraining order is scheduled for February 28.
At the National Board meeting on Saturday, the LULAC National Board of Directors adopted a motion of no confidence against Roger Rocha, Jr., its National President. The Board further confirmed that the National Board of Directors would continue to perform its duties of advocating and fighting for our community.
LULAC released the following press release on Friday, that LULAC National Board convened in Washington, D.C. to address recent public concerns regarding the organization's leadership and assess the necessary next steps. Roger C. Rocha, Jr. announced his intent to serve out his term until the national elections take place on Saturday, July 21, 2018 at the Annual LULAC National Convention & Exposition in Phoenix, Arizona. Mr. Rocha does not plan to run for a final term. In the meantime, the National Board, on behalf of the National Assembly, will continue to perform it's duties.
LULAC National Chief Executive Officer Brent Wilkes resigned, but also restated that he will help LULAC with the transition as he exits out of the organization. Mr. Wilkes has served the organization for 30 years, advocating on behalf of Latino civil rights, voting rights, immigration, education, health care, the environment and more. Under his longtime leadership, LULAC has become one of the most respected voices on Latino civil rights issues.
On February 4, the NECB  decided to stripped Rocha from his administrative duties and cut off his stipend. Rocha lost his authority and privilege to return to his administrative office, since the locks were changed and Wilkes too over until a new president is selected.
The Texas State LULAC Board also held an emergency conference call on February 4 and sent a letter to Rocha requesting his resignation "for the good and welfare of the League." The Texas LULAC also stated that it stands with the National LULAC Clean DREAM Act platform and stands against Rocha's letter to Trump supporting his immigration reform plan.
Rocha had sent his support to Trump by using an outdated LULAC National letter head, which drew condemnation from the Texas LULAC including numerous other LULAC Councils from throughout the U.S.
Rocha was forced to retracted the letter sent to Trump. He attempted to explain that it was a personal letter to the president, but the letter was leaked out by the main stream media. U.S. Majority Senate leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) even used Rocha's letter to show support for Trump's immigration reform plan after the government shutdown, which was in contrary with the National LULAC mandate to support a Clean DREAM Act.
In 2015, Rocha was elected National LULAC President, but the year before in New York during the 85th National Convention, the elections were cancelled to prevent any candidate other than from Texas to be elected as president. In LULAC's 89th history, no president from any other state or Puerto Rico other than from Texas have been elected as president to the National LULAC.
In brief: Luis Roberto Verá Jr. who was the election judge at the 85th National LULAC Convention in 2014 decided along with former termed-out National LULAC President Margaret Moran to cancel the elections because Rocha who was running for president in 2014 might not win. It was the first time, that a LULAC National Convention was ever canceled in 85 years. Verá argued that the elections were canceled because of a filed TRO in New York.
Verá was also the election judge at the Salt Lake City 86th National LULAC Convention as well. Verá should have recused himself for conflict of interest from the election, since Rocha was running again. Rocha, Verá and Moran had very close working ties.
Rocha received 385 votes and Magdalena "Maggie" Rivera from Illinois received 160 votes in 2015. In 2014, Rivera was elected President by the membership in NY, but Moran, Verá and Wilkes failed to recognize her election to office. Two lawsuits were filed in Texas and New York pertaining to 2014 elections. Apparently, Moran illegally stayed in office for a fifth term to prevent an outsider other than a candidate from Texas to take office as president of the National LULAC.
Rocha's term will expire in July, if he remains in office. A National LULAC president can only run and get elected to four terms, according to its organization's Constitution and by-laws.
Morin from Wisconsin was the LULAC National Vice-president of the Midwest in 2014 and is currently a candidate for president of the National LULAC, but if the National LULAC keeps its tradition from electing candidates from other states other than from Texas, Morin or any other candidate outside of Texas will probably face opposition from corrupt LULAC members in Texas. Morin in 2014 resigned shortly after the cancelation of the annual elections in NYC, but later recinded his resignation after Moran convinced Morin to stay on to support her administration for a 5th term as LULAC president.
In 2013, Garcia was was ousted from elections in the Las Vegas 84th Annual National LULAC Convention. Moran was running for a fourth term as National President and allegations were brought up that Garcia had not served as a member for three consecutive years to qualify him to run for the National president's position and that his LULAC Council 102's membership dues were paid in 2012, which Garcia claimed that the Council's paid dues were applied for the year 2013 to keep him from challenging Moran at the time. In brief: An unprecedented election was held in 2013 by members of LULAC before the actual presidential election. An estimated 2,000 LULAC members attended the event. The first election process drew controversy and a decision by less than 2/3 voting membership was made to disqualify Moran's main opponent Domingo Garcia from Dallas, TX. Garcia needed at least 2/3 of the membership vote to challenge and stay in the presidential elections. Apparently, Garcia did not serve as a full member for three consecutive years as required to run for president, according to LULAC's legal advisory board decision.  LULAC in March 2013 filed a lawsuit in Dallas in an attempt to keep Garcia, a former Texas State Representative and Dallas mayor pro-temp from seeking LULAC's presidency. LULAC claimed, Garcia didn't pay his LULAC Council 102's membership dues in 2012. Garcia, who has a lifetime membership claims, Council 102 attempted to pay the dues in September and December in 2012, but LULAC applied it to their dues for 2013. Garcia filed a counter lawsuit in April 2013 claiming the LULAC Board rewrote rules to technically prevent him from running for president and that the 2012 dues "payment was manipulated by incumbents and applied to 2013," according to Garcia's Facebook posting of Dallas News dot com article about the lawsuits. In May 2013, a Dallas County judge denied Garcia a temporary or permanent injunction to keep LULAC from keeping him off the ballot for president. The judge cited that the organization had a Board to resolve their own issues, membership was voluntary and members were expected to follow set rules. At least 100 of Garcia's young supporters from the Phoenix, Arizona area and Texas were stripped from their right to cast a vote at the convention, even though they were in good standing with LULAC. Because their candidate Garcia was disqualified. With Garcia ousted, Moran easily won re-election.  Garcia and other LULAC members at the convention alleged dirty politics and Moran's supporters of suppressing the membership vote from those who have paid their dues. 

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