Tuesday, February 6, 2018

LULAC National President Roger C. Rocha Jr. Relieved From Administrative Duties And Stipend Cut Off

National LULAC President Rocha Jr. was stripped from administrative duties and his stipend was cut off by the LULAC National Executive Board over the weekend.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

February 6, 2018

Washington, D.C. - On Sunday, the National League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) Executive Committee after holding a meeting for three hours with LULAC National President Roger C. Rocha Jr. decided to stripped Rocha from his administrative duties and cut off his stipend. The LULAC National Executive Board gave Rocha 24 hours to resign on Sunday.
Rocha lost his authority and privilege to return to his administrative office, since the locks were changed and Brent Wilkes, the National LULAC Executive Director will take over until a new president is selected. 
The Texas State LULAC Board held an emergency conference call on February 4th and decided to send a letter to Rocha requesting his resignation "for the good and welfare of the League." The Texas LULAC also stated that it stands with the National LULAC Clean DREAM Act platform and stands against Rocha's letter to Trump supporting his immigration reform plan.
Rocha had sent his support to Trump by using an outdated LULAC National letter head, which drew condemnation from the Texas LULAC including numerous other LULAC Councils from throughout the U.S.
Rocha was forced to retracted the letter sent to Trump. He attempted to explain that it was a personal letter to the president, but the letter was leaked out by the main stream media. U.S. Majority Senate leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) even used Rocha's letter to show support for Trump's immigration reform plan after the government shutdown, which was in contrary with the National LULAC mandate to support a Clean DREAM Act.

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