Monday, February 26, 2018

Multiple Signed Affidavits Alleged Milwaukee County Supervisor Peggy West Didn't Circulate Some Nomination Papers To Get On Election Ballot

West is facing allegations by multiple nomination paper signers that indicated in signed affidavits that she didn't circulate some nomination papers as she claimed.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

February 26, 2018

Milwaukee, WI - Milwaukee County Supervisor Peggy West who is running for re-election in the Milwaukee County 12th Supervisor District is facing an allegation that she actually didn't circulate multiple nomination papers to get in the April 3rd Spring Election Ballot. Candidate Sylvia Ortiz-Velez, who is challenging West in the Spring Election noticed discrepancies in West's certified nomination papers and sent an email to Stephanie L. Hunnicutt, Personnel Review Board and Ethics Board Administrator and the Milwaukee County Election Commission detailing the discrepancies and requesting an investigation. Ortiz-Velez at the time couldn't verify the alleged discrepencies, but later was able to get multiple signed and notarized affidavits from West's nomination paper signers indicating Supervisor West didn't circulate the papers, but other unidentified persons did and didn't sign the nomination papers as the person circulating them as required by state law. 
The discrepancies happened at several locations in the 12th Milwaukee County Supervisor District including at the 1800 block of W. Becher Street and at the 500 block of S. Layton Blvd., according to Ortiz-Velez.
One of the signers in an affidavit confirmed that the person that circulated West's nomination paper was an "African woman who was thin and young accompanied by a male." Other signers  (OS) confirmed the person circulating West's nomination papers "was thin and Caucasian" and OS described the person circulating papers having  black hair and also spoked fleunt Spanish, but Supervisor West signed and certified that she collected each signature in the nomination papers in question.
Ortiz-Velez is expected to file the multiple affidavits with the Milwaukee County Election Commission and a complaint with the Milwaukee County District Attorney's Office alleging that Supervisor West committed fraud by signing multiple nominations papers that she collected each signature when in fact she did not.
If in fact, Supervisor West didn't actually circulate the nomination papers that are in question, she wouldn't have enough signatures to get on the ballot.
According to Wisconsin Statue 12.13 (13) (a), falsifying nomination papers by certification is considered a felony punishable up to 3 years and six months in prison with fines up to $10,000.

Supervisor Peggy West posted the following statement on her Friends of Milw. County Supervisor Peggy West, District 12 in response to the article posted in Hispanic News Network U.S.A. "Multiple Signed Affidavits Alleged Milwaukee County Supervisor Peggy West Didn't Circulate Some Nomination Papers To Get On Election Ballot"

West's statement:

Thank you to those of you who contacted me regarding this "blog" post alleging that I did not circulate signature papers which I signed stating that I had.

For the record specifically at the address 1800 W. Becher, I did pass nomination papers at that location in addition, at that location, I had NO one African American passing papers, I also had no one Caucasian passing papers. I can and did speak to several residents there in Spanish.

Here is what the "blog" does not tell you.

1. 1800 W. Becher St is a Senior and disabled apartment complex as were at least 3 other addresses I used to collect signatures. It is very possible that residents don't clearly remember who came to their door to get their signature.

2. Knowing that, it is possible that the residents are confused & perhaps Supreme Court candidates had people also circulating papers at these addresses.

3. This is ONE of the same tactics my opponent used to discredit me in 2012.

I will close with this. I have not looked at my opponents signatures. I handed my signatures in and so did she and I was stratified with that. I looked forward tp running a race based on the issues and not slinging mud especially because if I had someone bankrolling my campaign to the tune of $28k+ I would seize that opportunity to promote myself & not throw mud at my opponent.

I welcome the opportunity to talk with whoever is necessary to get this straightened out.

Thank you.

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