Sunday, July 10, 2016

Greenfield Park Geese Rounded Up For Defecating And Killed For Meat By Milwaukee County Department of Parks

County taxpayers began to notice the disappearance of hundreds of geese and ducks from the Greenfield Park in late June, but discovered that the Milwaukee County Department of Parks actually rounded up the geese and then were slaughtered for meat to be donated to area food pantries. 

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

July 10, 2016

Greenfield, WI - In late June, Milwaukee County taxpayers in Greenfield began to notice the sudden disappearance of hundreds of geese, ducks and mollars from the Greenfield Park, which is managed by the Milwaukee County Department of Parks. The taxpayers began to discuss the issue in social media (Wisconsin Wildlife Photographers) and were determined to get answers. 
Chelsea Shapiro in her Facebook (FB) account says that her husband received a response about the geese killings from the Milwaukee County Department of Parks and posted the response on FB. Shapiro was also interviewed by Fox 6 Now several days ago concerning the geese killings in Greenfield Park.
Jon Canavan from the Milwaukee County Department of Parks, Recreation and Culture responded by confirming that the geese were rounded up and killed for meat to donate to area food pantries. The geese and ducks were apparently rounded up while many were moltering (shedding their feathers) and couldn't fly or escape, while protecting their hatchlings.
The geese were killed for simply defecating in the park land, which is not considered fertilizing the grounds, harassing people during nesting, a large geese population nuisance and health risks, according to Canavan. Many area residents used to go to the park in a daily basis with their kids to check out the geese and other birds, but since the killings they have ceased to use the park, according to some people in social media (Facebook).
The round up and killing of geese and other species of birds campaign by the Milwaukee County Department of Parks has expanded to other parks as well without providing any formal notice to Milwaukee County taxpayers using the parks.
The Greenfield Park operates a golf course and waterpark.
The Milwaukee County Department of Parks has released no information about how the roundup of geese occurred and time, why did they eradicated all of the geese population including the baby geese as well, where were the geese taken for processing and how were they actually killed? And lastly, who actually benefits from the geese eradication in large numbers and the cost?
Why wasn't other alternatives or options considered to relocate the geese and their baby geese?

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