Saturday, July 11, 2015

Roger C. Rocha Jr. Elected National LULAC President At Salt Lake City Convention

Rocha ran for LULAC National President last year in NYC during the 85th LULAC National Convention, but the election was cancelled after a TRO was filed and Rocha was projected to lose to Maggie Rivera from Illinois. Also, New Mexico's State Representative Patricia Roybal Cabellero was elected as National LULAC Treasurer, despite a LULAC Constitutional prohibition for public elected officials to serve on the National LULAC Board.

By H. Nelson Goodson
Hispanic News Network U.S.A.

July 11, 2015

Salt Lake City, Utah - On Saturday, League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) members at the 86TH National LULAC Convention & Expo in Salt Lake City elected Roger C. Rocha Jr. from Laredo, Texas. Rocha ran last year and had support from the outgoing and termed-out LULAC National President Margaret Moran. Last year's election was cancelled by Moran and a legal advisor after a TRO was filed to prevent as some members labelled as cheating and support for Rocha was not present and he would have lost to Rivera who was elected by the assembly present. Moran and her advisors wouldn't recognize Rivera's election for her stand to get rid of the alleged corruption that has plagued the LULAC National under the leadership of Moran and another former LULAC National president.
Under Rocha's leadership, the same status quo that Moran and former National LULAC President Rosa Rosales will continue. It was paramount for Moran and Rosales that they could get Rocha elected, so that legal action wouldn't be taken against the former administrations for the misuse of funds, lawsuits and other issues that the National LULAC is facing.
Rocha's election secures that the National LULAC is still headed by a Texan. No other member from any other state has ever been elected as LULAC National president for the last 85 years. Why would anyone today become a member of an organization that discriminates it's own membership, cancels an election because their candidate wouldn't win and doesn't allow anyone other than a Texan to run the non-profit organization? It became apparent last year, when Rivera who is from Illinois won and Moran including her legal advisors would not let her take office. Rivera is from Crystal Lake, Illinois. 
Rivera was elected last year, but former National LULAC President Margaret Moran and her executive legal advisor cancelled the election and prevented Rivera who had won from taking office. Moran was termed out and couldn't extend her term, but managed to continue as President. Several lawsuits were filed, one in New York, the other in Texas and are still open challenging Moran's controversial presidency reign and Rivera not being allowed to take office.
This year, the election was done by secret electronic voting.
Under Moran and her close advisors, the National LULAC faced improper property sales without executive board or membership approval, funds were used to pay for hotel rooms not used at last year's national convention in NYC and other questionable transactions, including misuse of funds.
LULAC members are calling foul once again in the election process and claiming that New Mexico's Bernalillo County State Representative Patricia Roybal Caballero was elected as the National LULAC Treasurer, which the LULAC Constitution and Bylaws prohibits any public elected official from serving in the Board and holding both jobs.
Darryl Morin, of Wisconsin and the former Vice President of the Midwest declined to run for a third term due to family and personal reasons, according to a statement that Morin released. Last year, he had abruptly resigned, but then decided to continue and supported Moran's termed out quest to illegally continue as LULAC National President, despite being prohibited by the organization's Constitution and Bylaws.

Other LULAC elected vice presidents include:

 ● Lourdes Galvan from San Antonio, Texas, Vice President for Women

 ● Joseph Enriquez Henry from Des Moines, Iowa, Vice President for the Midwest

 ● Gabriel Rosales from San Antonio, Texas, Vice President for the Southwest

 ● David Hernandez from Phoenix, Arizona, Vice President for the Farwest

 ● Juan Lopez from Boston, Massachusetts, Vice President for the Northeast

 ● Lydia Medrano from Tampa, Florida, Vice President of the Southeast

 ● Frank Urteaga from Houston, Texas, Vice President for the Elderly

 ● Ana Estrada Valenzuela from Tucson, Arizona, Vice President for the Youth

 ● Abigail Zapote from Dallas, TX was elected as Vice President of Young Adults

 In a different elected category:

 ● Jared Hernández from Galveston, TX was elected LULAC National Youth President. Members claimed that he is overaged to be in that category.

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