Thursday, July 3, 2014

Yaeger, Jager And Ortiz Booked For Assault Of Couple After Summerfest Bus Ride

Three suspects turned themselves to the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office after their images were released to the media after attacking a couple inside a County bus over the weekend.

By H. Nelson Goodson
July 3, 2014

Milwaukee, WI - Three suspects wanted for the beating of a couple riding a Milwaukee County bus have been booked after turning themselves in to the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office. The images of the three suspects from the bus were released to the media by the sheriff's office in an attempt to identify the suspects. The suspects saw local news broadcasts about the bus brawl and their images, then they decided to turn themselves in to the sheriff's office.
The suspects, Alyssa L. Yaeger, 20, of Milwaukee, Donald M. Jager, 21, of Milwaukee and Nitzary D. Ortiz, of South Milwaukee were booked by the sheriff's office.
Yaeger is facing one felony count for substantial battery, Jager is facing one felony count for battery to public transportation passenger and Ortiz is facing  a misdemeanor disorderly conduct charged.
Yaeger and Jager are being held until a bond hearing and charges are pending. Ortiz has been released pending charges.
On early Monday, the suspects began a brawl while riding a bus on route 80 with a couple. The passengers had left Summerfest and were heading to a parking lot on College. Once they got off the bus on the College Ave. exit, Yaeger grabbed the female victim's hair and punched her in the face causing an injury to one eye. The victim's boyfriend tried to intervene and Jager then punched the victim's boyfriend in the jaw. The suspects fled the scene.
The victim's then called police. The female victim was treated at a local hospital.

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