Saturday, July 19, 2014

TRUE Skool Celebrates 10th Anniversary At Milwaukee's Wherehouse Nightclub

Emphr one spraying art on the canvas cube.

10th Anniversary celebrated with family reunion during a day long Day Party, Boat Cruise and after party at the Wherehouse Nightclub.

By H. Nelson Goodson
July 19, 2014

Milwaukee, WI - On Saturday, TRUE Skool initiated its 10th Anniversary celebration at Milwaukee's Southside Wherehouse Nightclub, 800 S. Water Street. The whole day began a a day party inside the club that included music, entertainment and an outdoor graffiti cube. The cube was created by Graffiti style street artist, Emphr one (EO), whose own brand is Emphcon. EO says, that he built the battle cube to spray graffiti art as a neutral friendly competition between graffiti style artists to promote their positive artistic talent.
Also Hip Hop style of music and a break dancing battle was presented at the event.
The TRUE Skool non-profit organization will have a series of documentry film screenings, work shops, community murals and ending their year long celebration with a Gala.

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