Monday, June 16, 2014

Over $247K Generated Revenue Discrepancy For Sun Fair 2012 Reported

More than $247,000 of generated revenue missing from Sun Fair 2012?

By H. Nelson Goodson
June 16, 2014

Milwaukee, WI - On Monday, Nancy Bush, the current executive director of the W. Mitchell Street Business Improvement District (BID) #4 in an e-mail response to an article posted on June 1, about Sun Fair confirmed that the  street outdoor event made about $2,562.49 after costs paid in 2012. Her figure contradicts former BID #4 Board president Ron Giguere's quote to the Business Journal (BJ) article dated April 16, 2013 saying, that Sun Fair in 2012 made over $250,000. Giguere said, "...The carnival (at Sun Fair) did over $250,000 (revenue) in three days last year. So that's a very healthy atmosphere for retailers to come into."
Hispanic News Network U.S.A. (HNNUSA) checked the BJ archives for April 2013 and found no change of Giguere's estimated quote of over $250K in the article. 
Bush wrote, "In 2012, the Sun Fair did not make "more than $250,000," it made $2,562.49. Last year, in 2013, the event made $911.26. In 2011, its first year, the event made $1,296.16." If Giguere was correct in his quote to the BJ in 2013, then what happened to the remaining $247,437.51 or who did profit? According to Bush, she has no record of it and can only vouch for less than $26 hundred.
HNNUSA is looking into a quarter million discrepancy in the revenue figures that Bush released on Monday and Giguere estimated quote when he was in charge of BID #4 in 2013.
Giguere abruptly resigned from the BID in October of 2013.
Bush has also denied HNNUSA to released her annual income, including benefits totals as executive director for BID #4, but she says, that her salary and benefits are not public, according to her. HNNUSA estimated her salary around $65K with benefits. Bush denied that she made that much in salary.
In this year's proposed operating budget, the BID was allocated $8,000 for professional services and $63,500 for personnel, but it was not clear, if Bush's salary was included in this amount.

Giguere's 2013 interview with Business Journal at link:

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