Thursday, June 5, 2014

Jazz In The Park Security Confiscating Walked In Beer, Wine, Liquor And Dumping It

Jazz in the Park weekly music concerts opens at Cathedral Park, but all carry-in alcoholic beverages banned or confiscated and dumped by security.

By H. Nelson Goodson
June 5, 2015

Milwaukee, WI - On Thursday, Jazz in the Park security from Per Mar Events confiscated alcoholic beverages brought in by those attending the first outdoor concert event of the year. Security went around the park grounds where people sat and took beer cans (opened of closed), alcohol and other alcoholic items from concert enthusiasts. The items confiscated was dumped on the ground.
Also, people were stopped from settings up small cook out grills, because according to the organizers, it was banned by the Milwaukee County. One person had to put the grill out and take it out of the small park.
The first band to play on Thursday was Nabori, a local Salsa and Caribbean type of music band.
Alcohol beverages and food was sold at the event and proceeds help sponsor the out door concerts. Some people complained that at least it should have announced on stage that any illegal alcohol found on the park will be confiscated and dumped. People weren't even given a warning or the opportunity to take their beverages out to the park.

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