Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Morgan Geyser Ordered To Take Mental Evaluation As Attempted Murder Case Proceeds In Waukesha County

Morgan E. Geyser, Anissa E. Weier and Payton Isabella Leutner

A Waukesha court commissioner ordered for Geyser to take a mental evaluation.

By H. Nelson Goodson
June 11, 2014

Waukesha, WI - On Wednesday, Waukesha County Court Commissioner Laura Lau granted a competency motion to allow Morgan Geyser, 12, to be examine by the Wisconsin Forensic Unit to determine mental evaluation. The mental evaluation should be conducted within the next 15 days and should be sealed. 
Anissa E. Weier, 12, also appeared in court and no action was taken. Weier and Geyser next court hearing is set for July 2.
Entered on record, Waukesha County Cirucit Court Judge Michael O. Bohren denied a motion by several media associations to reconsider media limits and restriction about taking facial photos or video of both Weier and Geyser while in court proceedings.
On Tuesday, Judge Bohren issued a media restriction without a defense motion, which restricted video or still photos of facial images of both Geyser and Weier. Each defendant is charged with one felony count for first-degree attempted homicide of Payton Isabella Leutner, 12. A cash bond of $500,000 each remains in effect, according to Lau. The defendants are being house at a secure juvenile detention center in West Bend. If convicted, Weier and Geyser are facing up to 65 years in prison each.
Leutner's identity was made available by numerous Facebook postings in social media discussing Leutner's horrific May 31 stabbing in Waukesha. Leutner was left to die, but she managed to crawl out of a wooded area near Davids Park and was found by a bicyclist who called police. She survived and is recovering from the stab wounds.
The stabbing was influence by "Slenderman," a fictional character in Creepypasta dot com, according to Geyser, who admitted to stabbing Leutner. Geyser told police that Weier held Leutner down and also stabbed her.
Both the Wisconsin Newspaper Association and the Broadcaster's Association on Tuesday had filed a "Motion To Reconsider Order Governing Media Coverage" for today's court hearing at 1:15 p.m. in courtroom CG49. 
A pool of only one photographer and one television news agency was allowed in Commissioner Lau's courtroom to cover Weier and Geyser's hearing. News reporters and defendants family members were at the hearing.
All cellphones devices with photo or image taking ability were restricted. A separate room was reserved for other media to share a pool coverage of the hearing, according to court records.

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