Friday, December 6, 2013

Two Men Kidnapped In Front Of Mexico D.F. Police Officers

Officers who stood by while two men were kidnapped.

Several groups of armed men kidnapped two men from the street while two police officers stood by and watched in Mexico D.F.

By H. Nelson Goodson
December 6, 2013

Mexico D.F. - On Thursday, a posted video on the social networks and YouTube captured the moment when several groups of armed men in a white pickup and a black vehicle kidnapped several men in plain sight of several police officers and witnesses. The victims were kidnapped near the Metro Oceanía, en la Delegación Venustiano Carranza del Distrito Federal.
Several witnesses managed to video tape the incident and were able to get the license plate numbers of three vehicles involved, 909-XHUV for the white truck, MPW-6023 for a black car and MRD-2343 for a third vehicle.
The victims were forced into the back bed of the truck and taken away as several police officers looked on. Witnesses began to shout at the officers to do something, but the officers did nothing to help the victims. They didn't even report the incident to their command headquarters. 
The witness who recorded the video went to the federal police precinct, but had to wait an hour before a report would be filed and to even take a copy of the recorded video as evidence. The witness wrote in the video description, that the federal police and its personal were very slow in getting the details of the kidnapping and acted like they didn't care. 
Were local authorities aware of the kidnapping and attempting to cover it up?
On September 20, John Jairo Guzmán Vázquez from Colombia was Kidnapped by five members of the Mexico D.F. Police Department and members of a criminal organization. Vázquez's kidnapping was video taped by a witness, which authorities later identified some of the kidnappers as local police.
Vázquez in November managed to escape after 57 days held captive by his kidnappers and walked into the Colombian Consulate to seek his departure back to his country. Vázquez was believed to have arrived in Mexico D.F. for unlawful business, but couldn't be proved, according to authorities.
Both the federal Attorney General's Office (PGR) and the local Public Security Secretary have confirmed that it was not a kidnapping after the video showing two men being kidnapped by armed men went viral on the Internet. Jesús Rodríguez Almeida, from the local Public Security Secretary's office said, that federal authorities were executing several warrants to arrest two men for alleged crimes against public health. The two men weren't identified or any information was provided about where they were taken for processing by Almeida or the PGR.

Posted video of daylight kidnapping at link:

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