Friday, December 20, 2013

Murder-Suicide Milwaukee Couple Identified

Janie Jefferson and Dontavian Smith

Three children survived and were in the home when the murder-suicide occurred at a Milwaukee south side home.

By H. Nelson Goodson
December 20, 2013

Milwaukee, WI - On Friday, Milwaukee police identified the couple in the murder-suicide reported on early Thursday as Janie Jefferson, 26, and Dontavian Smith, 26. Police responded to a call around 9:00 a.m. at the 1600 block of S. 21rd Street where the bodies of both Jefferson and Smith were found. Police say, Smith shot his girlfriend and then turned the gun to himself during a deadly altercation about moving back to Arizona. The deadly domestic violence victim has three daughters under the age of 6. After the shooting, the 6-year-old girl took her two other sisters outside of the home and sat on the porch until someone came over to see what had happened and then called police.
Alderman Robert Donovan along with Milwaukee Police Captain Alfonso Morales from the Second Police District Station and other community members announced on Friday that a fund for the children has been created at the Tri-City National Bank under the Jefferson Orphan Fund.
The children were turned over to child protective services and authorties are trying to contact relatives in Arizona.

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Anonymous said...

We are truely thankful for the support from the people of Milwaukee, during this trying time of the loss of our sister, We are comforted with the grace of God and will stay humble through this tragic ordeal!