Friday, August 30, 2013

Perez Response To Sexual Harassment Dismissal Of TRO Injunction

Irene Agape Correa and Manuel "Manny" Perez

Perez claims it was envy, political powerplays, or false statements that led to an attack on Esperanza Unida.

By H. Nelson Goodson
August 30, 2013

Milwaukee, WI - On Thursday, Robert Miranda, executive director of Esperanza Unida released a statement from its general manager Manuel "Manny" Perez. Last week, a temporary restraining order (TRO) injunction hearing resulted with a dismissal and the injunction denied against Perez. 
A court comissioner determine it was a misunderstanding between Irene Agape Correa and Perez and not harassment.  
Correa, 35, is the President of  United Hands Across the City, a mental health clinic run at the Esperanza Unida, 611 W. National Ave. filed a TRO on August 8, which claimed that Perez on several occasions grabbed her arm and once tried to grope her while caressing her, but when another person walked in on them and Perez stopped.
Perez stated, "I know that many of you are awaiting for a public statement from me after Court Comissioner Nancy Schurm dismissed the allegations against me from Mrs. Irene Correa last week."
"As you well know, I am not new to false allegations or envy. The Court issued its determination. As before, I will not engage in public controversy that only harms the mission that I know we all share independent of political positions or personal interest...and that is the betterment of the quality of life of the workers, an improved economy where all benefit, and a thriving comunity with great citizens and a skilled, independent workforce that takes control of their lives.
"Why is Esperanza Unida, its Exec Director, Board and myself being attacked? Simply put, because we are intent on bringing prosperity to the Milwaukee South Side, the workers, the private sector, and the overall comunity. We have the passion and resolve to achieve results in collaboration with all other organizations, including yours here at the 611 Building - that have been working for many years in the Milwaukee South Side...and we are focused on overcoming obstacles and implementing the improvements that are needed to achieve these goals in a most utilitarian manner. In just a few short months we have achieved many things, but we have a long way to go!!
"Therefore, this is really not a Press is a statement of policy that I know -independent of specific / individual positions- we all share. I know that you care because you care about eliminating poverty.
So, let's not be divided by envy, political powerplays, or false statements. Instead, let's unite all our efforts and further drive prosperity to the Milwaukee South Side with focus on results."

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