Friday, August 23, 2013

Four Dead And Eight Banda Pequeños Musical Family Members Injured During Rollover Accident In Jalisco

Four women reported dead after driver lost control of his SUV near Las Cajas in the state of Jalisco.

By H. Nelson Goodson
August 23, 2013

Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico - On Wednesday,  Gerardo Franco Macías, 33, a member of the Banda Pequeños Musical lost control of his white Honda CR-V, a four door SUV and rolled over multiple times resulting in the death of two women passengers at the scene. Two other women passengers later died at the Lagos de Moreno Hospital, while 8 family members, including seven minors were reported injured, including Macías.
They were identified as María del Carmen Ayala Franco, 35; Kimberly Yareli Mesa Ayala, 15; Eduardo Joel Velázquez Ayala, 14; Guadalupe Franco Gómez, 14; Karyme del Carmen Ayala Franco, 11; Gerardo Guillermo Franco, 9; Audri Naomi Pérez González, 7, and Kenya Samantha Ayala, 1.
El Milenio dot com reported that Macías was speeding and had twice the number of occupants allowed in the SUV while driving along the highway from Lagos de Moreno to San Juan de los Lagos before reaching Las Cajas. The SUV also had a wore out rear tire that did not support the over weight and failed to maintain the pressure, according to the Milenio.
Banda Puequeños Musical released a statement that Macías lost four members of his family in the accident, but the band will continue to fullfill their prior obligations and commitments. The deceased were identified as Macías' wife, María Gómez Islas, 32; his mother, Josefina Macías Ortega, 79; mother-in-law,  Gudelia Islas García and his sister, María Guadalupe Franco Macías, 54.
Both Gómez Islas and Macías Ortega died at the scene after suffering multiple injuries to their bodies and head trauma during the rollover. Macías was slightly injured during the accident and was released from the hospital.

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