Monday, August 5, 2013

Ousted Univision Radio Host El Piolin Breaks his Silence After 17 Days

Eddie Sotelo, aka, El Piolin and Alberto "Beto" Cortez

Sotelo denies allegations that he groped Cortez' groin, but told fans that he "will be back on the radio soon."

By H. Nelson Goodson
August 5, 2013

Los Angeles, CA - On Monday, Eddie Sotelo, 43, aka, "El Piolin" breaks his 17-day silence and posted a message on his Facebook account around 6:00 p.m. denying Alberto "Beto" Cortez's allegations that he groped Cortez groin and made his co-workers to falsify letters concerning immigration reform.
Sotelo's contract with Univision Radio, Inc. was terminated after Cortez sent a letter to Univision executives that Sotelo has grabbed his groin during an ongoing sexual harassment period and had made his co-workers to falsify documents geared for immigration reform in 2006. Sotelo was taken off the Univision syndicated Spanish language radio program on July 22.
Sotelo in his latest Facebook post didn't address allegations raised that he is gay. But, Sotelo wrote that he had generously helped Cortez various times in a decade. 
Also Sotelo says, that by the end of last year when Cortez contract wasn't renewed by Univision, Cortez had attempted to coerce co-workers to help him lie about his allegations. Sotelo wrote, that information about what Cortez was going to accuse him off was brought to his attention by other co-workers. Sotelo did not identify any of the co-workers that provided him with information about Cortez.
Sotelo thanked all his supporters and radio fans for their well wishes and praying for him. He also stated, that he "will be back on the radio soon," but didn't mention which Spanish language radio station he will be working at.

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