Thursday, December 13, 2012

Several Nuevo Leon State Police Officers Arrested For Allegedly Stealing Property From Learjet 25 Crash Victims

Two state police officers from Nuevo León allegedly took items from the deceased and images from the Learjet 25 crash site where seven people died including superstar Mexican-American banda and norteña singer Jenni Rivera.

By H. Nelson Goodson
December 13, 2012

Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico - On Tuesday, two Nuevo León state police officers (Frueza Civil) were taken into custody by the same organization (agency) for allegedly stealing items from the Learjet 25 crash victims including Jenni Rivera and taking unauthorized images of the crash site. Both Nuevo León State Police Officers Luis Antonio Ávila Moreno, 23, of Monterrey, Nuevo León León and Mario Alberto García Pacheco, 24, of Puza Rica, Veracruz are facing charges from the state Ministry department for taking items and images from the crash site.
Moreno had a Blackberry cellphone with images of the crash site and items belonging to the crash victims were found on their possession. The stolen items were found at their living quarters with the state police. 
Authorities found Rivera's wallet, driver licenses, documents, personal photos and other items  belonging to the victims. A suitcase with a large amount of money from the crash site is allegedly missing. Authorities are trying to confirm, if the suitcase is actually missing or taken by the officers detained or someone else working at the site.
Jorge Domene, Spokesman for the state government confirmed, co-workers provided the tip on Monday that led to an investigation into stolen items from the victims. Some members of the state police saw crash images on Moreno's cellphone, which prompted an investigation and a search for the stolen items at the facility where Moreno and Pacheco were staying. The officers detained joined the state police about eight months ago, according to Domene.
Domene also indicated that his agency is also looking whether images and video of the crash site including images of Jenni Rivera's partial remains were sold to the media, which have spread and went viral on the Internet.

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